Ally Miller protests

Northwest Tucson residents protesting alongside dozens who gathered in Downtown Tucson last week for the Tucsonans Against Racism Protest and Rally, which targeted Pima County District 1 Supervisor Ally Miller for recent comments she made through her Facebook profile.

About 600 protesters waving posters gathered in front of Pima County’s Administration Building last Tuesday evening: Refugees Welcome, Black Lives Matter, No Human is Illegal. 

In an age where almost every week people take to the streets to voice their outrage with the government, some protestors were getting creative. “Dumbledore’s Army accepting members” and “Ctrl+Alt+Delete” are a few of the more creative signs. 

The focus of Tucsonans Against Racism Protest and Rally was Pima County District 1 Supervisor Ally Miller, who posted on Facebook her feelings regarding race relations hours after a white supremacist mowed down a crowd of protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Aug. 12. For the last week, citizens and fellow board members implored her to apologize for her comments, which they took as inflammatory.

It seemed as though the time for apologies has passed for many, at least for the hundreds that gathered on Tucson’s downtown. 

It was no accident the rally was planned on the day Trump addressed supporters in Phoenix. Inside the Phoenix Convention Center, Trump hinted at pardoning former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio for illegally continuing profiling practices, and Trump decried the “very dishonest media,” blaming them for the backlash to his “many sides” statement following Charlottesville. 

Outside of the President’s rally thousands protested, and were finally dispersed when police set off tear gas into the crowd. In Tucson, people chanted—families with toddlers in strollers, old ladies waving American flags and teenagers standing up for their beliefs. 

People of every age, creed and color shouted, “This is what democracy looks like,” and held their signs high as cars passed, honking their approval.

Supervisor Miller did not reply to Tucson Local Media for comment regarding the protests or her comments.

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What is it with certain people? If you don't like what someone says, they should resign? Opinions, matter.

Guy Fuller

Personally, I would like to see Chuck Huckleberry resign or forced out for his total miss use of county funds.

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