West Bound Ina Road

Illustration of the finished Ina Road interchange.

There has been increased construction activity on Ina Road lately, but the benefits will far outweigh the costs once the dust clears and the Ina interchange opens back up early next year. Until then, there’s much to be excited for and much to still see from area businesses as we head into the holiday shopping season. 

When complete, the project will ease congestion near Interstate 10 and the Union Pacific railroad, diverting traffic onto the bridge and over the interstate and tracks. The Town of Marana is also making a number of improvements to the area, including resurfacing Ina Road and arterial streets with new pavement and improving the landscaping, sidewalks and lighting around the area. Project Ina will result in a safer and more attractive corridor, and will be more accessible for those thanks to new sidewalks with ADA ramps. 

We are entering the home stretch of the project, and area businesses need support more than ever as we begin the holiday season. 

While many of the businesses in the area have seen only the smallest of impacts since the construction began, others are struggling to make it through the final months. Even with moving dirt and construction vehicles, Ina Road is still open for business. 

There are great places to eat, drink, and shop during the holiday season. You can go bowling and take gymnastics classes. There are hardware stores, tire stores and auto mechanics for your various maintenance projects. Want to start your morning right? Enjoy one of several breakfast options. From a nice sit-down brunch to handcrafted sweet rolls or breakfast burritos, you can even just grab a box of a dozen donuts for the office. 

Even with the combined efforts of Town of Marana, Arizona Department of Transportation, Regional Transportation Authority and Marana Chamber of Commerce, businesses can always use additional support from the community. If you take the time to explore the great businesses in the area, we know you’ll be thrilled with what you find. 

It’s been a long couple of years of road construction in the area, and we understand the challenges everyone has felt with the traffic delays. However, when this project is completed early next year, Ina Road will become a real commercial destination with easy access from the freeway and brand-new road surfaces to drive on. 

We are very excited for the completion of the project and have already started the planning stages for how we will celebrate. The Town of Marana will be partnering with area businesses and the Marana Chamber for a grand opening celebration that will be open to the public.

In the meantime, Ina Road is still open and we encourage you to support your local economy and Shop Ina. You will be glad you did. 

Jamsheed Mehta is the Marana Town Manager.

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