The Marana Town Council approved an emergency resolution to update the town’s code regulations on Tuesday, Nov. 17, after Arizona voters approved Proposition 207 legalizing medical marijuana during the 2020 election.

Marana’s emergency resolution bans single-use marijuana establishments, marijuana sales on town property, use of the drug in public places and open spaces (such as town parks), facilities that test the potency or contamination and door-to-door sales.

Only the town’s two medical marijuana dispensaries—Botanica and Nature Med —will be allowed to sell recreational marijuana within the town’s limits once it becomes legal next year. Any future dispensaries wanting in Marana will need to be dual licensed in both medical and recreational marijuana to sell to customers without a MMJ card.

Marana has capped the number of dispensaries it will allow to two until the town’s population increases by “50,000 over or above the official 2010 census figure for Marana," according to town documents. Once that happens, only one dispensary will be added per 50,000 population increase. Marana’s 2010 population was 34,961, according to the United States Census Bureau’s American Fact Finder.

Oro Valley passed an identical emergency resolution on Wednesday, Nov. 4. The regulations were originally written and distributed by the League of Arizona Cities and Towns to provide a model code to Arizona municipalities ahead of the Nov. 3 election.

Mayor Ed Honea was absent from Tuesday’s council meeting due to quarantining after the mayor came into contact with someone with COVID-19, said Vice Mayor Jon Post during the meeting.

No other details on the Mayor’s condition has been released by town officials at this time.

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