Kiva Insurance

Kiva Insurance employees Mimi Webber, left, and Salina Murrieta, right, have operated their Marana agency since September.


A small cadre of insurance experts have carved their way into the hearts and minds of Marana residents, offering unmatched peace of mind and service to the region. 

That trio is formally known as Kiva Insurance, an independent, all-service insurance shop, located along the dusty trail that is Grier Road—setting up shop in a tiny abode that resembles a mid-century cottage. 

The company is the brainchild of owner Debie Neely and her longtime friend Mimi Weber, offers health, life, commercial, ranch, home and auto insurance, with more than 20 companies in their service. 

Weber, a University of Arizona alum who helped launch the Marana operation last September, believes Kiva’s combination of excellent customer service and commitment to the community separates it from the competition—citing her assistant, Salina Murrieta, as proof.  

Serving the community

Weber, who moved back to the region after a three-decade hiatus in Washington State, believes that she and Murrieta make a unique, but prolific team. 

“What makes us a good mix is that [Murrieta is] local; she knows a lot of people here,” Weber said. “I was gone for 30 years and then moved back, so she’s a real local, and I have the farming interaction background.” 

It’s that institutional knowledge, and dedication to helping locals when they need it most, that separates Kiva, according to Neely. 

“We’re committed to helping people protect what they’ve spent a lifetime putting together,” Neely said. “And we want to make sure that they have peace of mind and know that we are here to help them whenever they have a claim, a crisis, or they’re trying to put together a business or livelihood.” 

That dedication to their customers permeates the entire company, including its name—a reference to ancient Native American communal spaces. 

That dedication to friendliness and communal communication is the main highlight of Weber’s job, as she enjoys getting to help her neighbors when they need it most. 

“We’re local, and I think it fits this Marana area best, because we’re all about our businesses and our farmers,” Weber said. “We all like to do business with local business.”

Weber enjoys being there for people, in good and bad, and making sure that their customers have the right policies for their needs. 

“A lot of people don’t understand what their coverages are, and so they always want the best price, the best price, but we don’t go that way,” Weber said. “We make sure the coverage is right. If it costs a little bit more, so be it, but if something happens you know everything’s going to be all right.”  

For Neely, the highlight of running an independent insurance agency is the ability to use the three-person team’s knowledge of companies and products that serve the community best. 

“Even though we’ve only been officially brick and mortar in Marana for a short time, both Mimi and the Kiva Agency bring multiple years of experience in the insurance industry to the community,” Neely said. “We want to be a part of the community, again helping people build and preserve what they’ve spent a lifetime putting together. And we want to make sure that people minimize the risk that people have in the event that they have a claim.”

Kiva Insurance is located at 11755 W. Grier Road. More information can be found online at and over the phone at 812-7226. 

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