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The Marana Police Department recently added five new officers to its ranks.

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Last Wednesday afternoon, Aug. 30, the Marana Police Department held a badge-pinning and swearing-in ceremony for its five latest recruits. The ceremony has become a tradition within the department, and is a way of welcoming the new officers, as well as their families, into the fold.

“We really have a great organization,” said MPD Police Chief Terry Rozema. “We have great people here.”

The ceremony is a way to formally welcome the latest hires to the department, many whom have been on the job for several months. Each of the five newest officers was introduced by the chief and had their badges pinned on by friends, spouses and family members. Following the badge pinning, the five officers were then sworn in by Marana town magistrate, Laine Sklar.

Chief Rozema stressed that all five officers had the one key ingredient to becoming a Marana Police Officer: the desire to help people.

“This profession is way too important to be a job,” Rozema said. “We want to hire people who want to come into this profession to help people.”

Rozema explained that they look for people who not only say they want to help people, but who have actually demonstrated that they have a “dedication for helping people” outside of police work.

The five officers came from a varied backgrounds, some fresh from the academy, while others had previous police experience.

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