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Thanks, OVPD

It is a pleasure for me to write a letter about the assistance I received from two Oro Valley Police officers.

I was on Tangerine Road moving into the left turn lane at Innovation Drive when I heard a tremendous noise from my car. I thought it sounded like something exploded. I moved over as much as I could in the turn lane. I tried to look at the car, but I felt very vulnerable due to the fast traffic speeding by me. No one stopped and I grew more upset when an Oro Valley Police cruiser appeared behind me. 

The female officer followed  for safety and to look at the car. She was a very capable and calming influence to a senior citizen. After failed attempts to get AAA or get the tire off a fellow officer helped in the difficulty with lug nuts which were not fitting the lug wrench. Both were professional and kind. She followed me to get more air in the spare. In today's world it has become uncommon for individuals to interrupt their day to stop and help a stranger. 

How lucky I was to have Officers K. Durbin and K . Larter to help . Two great professionals. I hope they receive recognition for service above and beyond. 

—Penny Maloney, 

Oro Valley

Poor Choice

On the surface, school vouchers may seem appealing in a country where underfunded schools struggle to meet the needs of its students. But vouchers that help students access private schools that don’t have to meet the same standards and regulations as public schools is not the answer. 

Vouchers usually cover only partial tuition, leaving a large chunk which may be daunting for middle or lower-income families, but clearly benefiting the wealthy. Worse yet, SB1224 would take tax-payer money from local districts and channel it into private schools which aren’t necessarily even in Arizona. 

Last year, Amphitheater Unified District lost 81 students to private schools and took with them nearly a million dollars from the general education fund. SB1224 would allow Arizona to send its state tax dollars to private schools in other states. This is a bad bill for an already stressed education system.

—Jane Atkins, Oro Valley

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