Gerard Dickinson 

A 44-year-old man is currently awaiting extradition from Michigan’s Saginaw County Jail to Pima County on charges related to the sexual exploitation of a teenage girl in Tucson. 

On Feb. 8, the Oro Valley Police Department coordinated with Michigan State Police to bring Gerard Dickinson into custody after an investigation revealed the long haul truck driver was having inappropriate phone conversations with a 14-year-old girl. 

OVPD was initially contacted about a teen run away on Feb. 5, and located the girl in the City of Tucson. After cell phone forensic analysis and interviews, OVPD determined she was trying to run away from Arizona to Michigan to meet up with Dickinson. 

Subsequent investigation by detectives revealed multiple conversations between Dickinson and the victim that were of a sexual nature. The conversations revealed Dickinson anticipated a sexual relationship between the two of them and he had received explicit photos of the victim though he knew she was underage. 

Dickinson is currently in custody at the Michigan Saginaw County Jail until he is extradited.

Dickinson is being charged with the following:

  • 13-1405A. Attempted Sexual Contact with a Minor (F2)
  • 13-3553A1. Sexual Exploitation of a Minor - Accomplice (F2)
  • 13-3553A2. Sexual Exploitation of a Minor - Possession (F2)
  • 13-3553A2. Sexual Exploitation of a Minor - Possession (F2)
  • 13-1302A1. Attempted Custodial Interference (F3)
  • 13-3554A. Luring a Minor (F3)

The victim is safe at home with her family. 

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