Three Marana Police Department officers are out of a job, and one faces two felony charges for illegal use of the state’s criminal database. 

Two of the officers, Daniel Nicholas and Kyle Sylvia, resigned in connection to the incident, while fellow officer Dionysius Cazares has been fired and faces two class 6 felony charges for computer tampering to obtain confidential information. A fourth officer is under investigation, according to the department. 

Cazares has 10 days from the date of her firing to file an appeal from the date of her termination, which prevents the department from releasing or commenting on her case, according to department public information officer Chriswell Scott. 

Attempts to reach Cazares were not successful. 

Scott released a statement from the department on the ongoing investigation. 

“Our community can trust their officers to make the right decisions, to maintain uncompromised integrity, and to protect them from those who would do them harm. We hold our officers to high standards. When those standards are not upheld, we will hold ourselves accountable.” 

According to the case documents, Cazares on or around Sept. 17 used the state’s database to look up information on one or more persons without approval. 

The summary of charges from the Pima County Superior Court stated that Cazares illegally exceeded her authorization by searching through confidential records without approval, which thereby counts as tampering. 

The 31-year-old officer, who was indicted by a Pima County grand jury on Oct. 10, will return to court for a case management conference on Nov. 16. 

According to court documents, Cazares used the Arizona Criminal Justice Information System without prior approval or a warrant. 

Cazares will be represented by the Pima County Public Defender’s Office in Judge Richard Fields’ courtroom on Nov. 16, according to court documents. 

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