• Emily Dieckman, Tucson Local Media
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Children’s author Todd Parr has a way with words. Sometimes they come in the form of useful, timely do’s and don’ts, like “Do wear underwear when you go trick-or-treating. Don’t wear it over your costume.” Sometimes it’s just what a person needs to hear on an off day, like “No matter how you…

  • Jim Nintzel The Explorer
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A professor Stephen Buchmann’s latest book, “The Reason for Flowers,” is just out in paperback. The book, hailed as “extraordinarily good” by E.O. Wilson, looks at the sex life of flowers as well as mankind’s long fascination with them. Buchmann recently appeared on “Zona Politics with Jim N…

  • Logan Burtch-Buus, Foothills News
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Originally hailing from Globe, local author Eric T. Knight has had a lifelong love affair with reading. Whether it was reading his mother’s romance novels, or sifting through classics works of Poe and Dickens, Knight spent many of his early years with a book in hand.

  • Danilo Castro, Special to Tucson Local Media
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David Foster Wallace was an author you either lauded for being brilliant or loathed for being pretentious. His 1996 opus “Infinite Jest” elevated him to the status of literary rockstar overnight and cemented the thousand page novel as a cultural touchstone. This Gen-X J.D. Salinger eventuall…

  • Logan Burtch-Buus, Special to Tucson Local Media
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Reddit is a website with quite a mixed reputation. Structured under different, thematically-based forums called “subreddits,” the site allows users to post their own pictures, videos, and written submissions for others to see and comment on.  Many people have been put off by Reddit because o…

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Elizabeth Evan’s new novel explores what we keep hidden

  • Logan Burtch-Buus Special to Tucson Local Media
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Since The Tucson Festival of Books debuted March of 2009, the yearly festival has been one of the premier attractions to our city, drawing well over 100,000 participants and tourists to the University of Arizona mall.  Hundreds of authors, editors, and other members of the literary and acade…