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If you’ve been itching to run from the monotony lately, you’re not alone. Summer is upon us and thoughts of getaways are on most everyone’s minds. If quarantine hasn’t made you sick of your significant other yet, you might want to go on this romantic road trip that lets you wander while still sticking close to home sweet home. 

This plan hits up only a few places here in the great state of Arizona and should take 3-4 days overall, but they just might be the most romantic places that you’ve ever been to. Read on to see where you should go.

Leg 1: From Tucson to Waggin’ Vineyard, Globe, AZ (Appx. 2h 3min / 104 mi)

No romantic getaway would be complete without some wine, so before you go much further you should pick some up from Waggin’ Vineyard & Estate (https://www.wagginvineyard.com/). Located just off of the 60, this beautiful vineyard is a site for sore eyes, and a welcome first stop for your journey on the road. If you go at the right time you can even catch one of their upcoming events. Be sure to grab a bottle or two before you head out to your next destination, but remember not to drink and drive!

Leg 2: From Globe to Fool Hollow Lake, Show Low, AZ (Appx. 1h 42min / 89 mi)

Just outside of Show Low lies Fool Hollow Lake, located in Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest. 

Set up your tent near the lake and breathe in the fresh air as you cuddle up next to your significant other. You can even rent kayaks and canoes (http://www.jtwildlifeoutdoors.com/) during the summer. This area is a perfect spot for your first night out.

Leg 3: From Show Low to Standin’ on the Corner, Winslow, AZ (Appx. 1h 37min / 84.9 mi)

After you wake up from your overnight in the outdoors, make your way north to stand on the corner (https://standinonthecorner.org/) in Winslow, AZ - yes, just like in ‘Take it Easy’ by the Eagles. This is a perfect spot for a photo op, and also rich with history right on Route 66. Listen to some classic rock on your way up to get into the mood!

Leg 4: From Winslow to Strawberry Inn, Strawberry, AZ (Appx. 1h 14min / 72 mi)

Slow it down with a stop in the mountains and an overnight stay at the Strawberry Inn (https://www.thestrawberryinn.com/). This little spot is perfect for a romantic hideaway, and there’s plenty to do in the outdoors - if you choose to leave your room at all.

Leg 5: From Strawberry to Ms. Masaki, Cottonwood, AZ (Appx. 1h 11min / 71.3 mi)

After a good night’s sleep at Strawberry Inn, and perhaps a morning hike, head over to Ms. Masaki (https://www.msmasaki.com/) in Cottonwood for some good Asian food in a cozy atmosphere. Feed your partner some sushi for a romantic touch to a scrumptious lunch.

Leg 6: From Cottonwood to The Motor Lodge, Prescott, AZ (Appx 1h 11min / 44 mi)

If you drive southwest through Prescott Valley, you’ll finally come across The Motor Lodge (http://www.themotorlodge.com/), a hip little motel with more to offer than expected. You can even use one of their bikes to head up to Whiskey Row in Downtown Prescott for some nightlife before tucking in for the evening.

Leg 7: From Prescott to Bedoian’s Bakery & Bistro, Wickenburg, AZ (Appx 1h 15min / 58.5 mi)

For such a small little place, Wickenburg sure does hold some big surprises. One of those happens to be Bedoian’s Bakery & Bistro (https://www.facebook.com/bedoians/). You’ll feel completely welcomed by the staff and feel like you’re a “regular” when you come here. The chill vibes will help you relax and soak in the atmosphere.

Leg 8: From Wickenburg to Renaissance Phoenix Glendale Hotel & Spa, Glendale, AZ (Appx 52 min / 47.3 mi)

This is the shortest leg of the trip, but it just gives you more time to enjoy the Spa Botanica (https://www.marriott.com/hotels/hotel-information/fitness-spa-services/phxgr-renaissance-phoenix-glendale-hotel-and-spa/) inside of Renaissance Phoenix Glendale Hotel & Spa (https://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/phxgr-renaissance-phoenix-glendale-hotel-and-spa/). This location is also the one you’ll definitely want to make sure you have reservations for before you head there. But, it’ll be oh-so-worth-it. You’ve spent the last few days on the road, so it’s time to relax in style and turn up the romance.

Leg 9: Glendale to Tucson (and maybe one more stop?) (Appx 2h 7min / 137 mi)

It’s time to head home, but if you’re not ready to go HOME yet, might we suggest Lodge on the Desert (https://www.lodgeonthedesert.com/)? This romantic little hotspot right in the middle of Tucson has everything you need to have a great time. And who knows, if you head here first, maybe you won’t want to leave at all…

You may want to alter this road-trip plan for yourself and customize it for the things that you and your partner love the most. For directions to the above destinations, click here (https://goo.gl/maps/svWF6wxJXA3rFEeK6) for the complete map.

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