Grumpy’s Grill

There’s nothing quite like the small, family-run, hometown bar and grill feeling, and Grumpy’s Grill, located at 2960 W. Ina Road, provides exactly that to its patrons.

A small but cozy place located in the heart of the northwest side, Grumpy’s promotes a daily 2-6 p.m. happy hour with $1 off all appetizers and varying drink specials.  

On Dec. 19, the day of our visit, happy hour featured $3 Shock Tops, so after a warm welcome, I ordered one and was immediately reminded why I enjoy them so much. The medium density Belgian-style wheat ale is spiced up with coriander and lemon and lime peels, and comes with an orange slice, which can easily be tossed aside (if desired) since this beer is flavorful enough to stand on its own. 

My coworker, JD, ordered a Dragon’s Breath ($6), a concoction of Bacardi Dragon Berry Rum, orange juice, and cranberry juice. The drink was sweet, but not overbearingly so, and incorporated a tang flavor that mixed well to make a light and refreshing drink before getting started on some food. 

We elected to first try the Spinach Dip ($5.99), which comes in a cheesy blend and is served with a side of fresh chips. 

While many spinach dips in my past experiences have been over-oily, this dip grouped together nicely, saving flavor and providing a mess-free appetizer. After polishing this off, we ordered a second round of drinks. I went with a Kiltlifter ($3.75), while JD tried a Red Stagg Cider/Red Bull ($5) combination.

The always enjoyable Kiltlifter, a product of Four Peaks Brewing Company, is a Scottish-style ale with a malty, sweet toasted flavor with a hint of smokey notes and a caramel aroma. 

The Red Stagg Cider/Red Bull was a sweet mix that blended well together and was easy to finish, as it was not too sugary for enjoyment. 

JD finished the day off with the dish that Grumpy’s is arguably most known for – the Grumpy’s Favorite Burger ($7.59), which is topped with melted peanut butter (your eyes do not deceive you – peanut butter), mayonnaise, onion, tomato, and lettuce. 

Though it wouldn’t seem so, it takes a brave soul to even try something so odd sounding, the burger, served with a side of fries, is strangely enjoyable. 

The peanut butter doesn’t draw away from the delicious meat patty, which was the biggest concern, and somehow these two unlikely foods come together well with the other toppings to make a very edible meal. 

The overall experience at Grumpy’s was very pleasant. Staff was prompt, attentive, and courteous. The dishes were clean, the food and drinks were great, and the atmosphere is welcoming. No complaints about Grumpy’s Grill. 

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