Thompson Square

Thompson Square, the married country duo of Keifer and Shawna Thompson who last played at Country Thunder in 2012, will this year be headlining day one of the festival. The Explorer caught up with Keifer by phone to get his thoughts on the upcoming performance, as well as what it’s like working with his wife.

Explorer: “You liked Country Thunder enough to return this year. What’s your favorite thing about this music festival?”

Keifer: “The reaction we got last time was amazing, so you take it back to the people. We had a blast. You just couldn’t keep us away.”

E: “What do you think of the fans at Country Thunder?”

K: “They’re our lifeblood. It’s really important for them to know that they’re the reason we do what we do. The feeling they give us is just as important as the feeling we give them.”

E: “You guys will be headlining this year. Is there any added pressure or excitement?

K: “It’s absolutely exciting. It’s been really cool to grow these last few years, and this year we’ll have a bigger production than last time. I don’t mind the pressure at all. I love it. The fans will get a lot more Thompson Square this year.”

E: “What have you guys been up to lately?”

K: “We just got back from playing for the military for the whole month, and that was a life-changing experience. But, it’s great to be back on mainland soil and do Country Thunder again.”

E: “Which artists have acted as inspirations to you guys?”

K: “That list is massive, from Elvis, to Roger Miller to Springsteen to Reba, The Wallflowers, The Spiders, Jimi Hendrix… it’s all over the map. We’re crazy music fans.”

E: “Talk about your new single.”

K: “It’s called “Testing the Water,” and this song kind of symbolizes where me and Shawna came from – a small town. It’s about testing out the water and learning how to fall in love and not get hurt. It’s a fun play on that, it’s not serious at all. It’s a great, fun, summer song, and we love playing it live. The first time we heard it we felt the same as we did when we played “Kiss Me Or Not.” It’s just one of those songs that made us feel a certain way, so we recorded it and waited for the right to single it.”

E: “What’s it like to work as a married couple?”

K: “It’s amazing. She and I were solo artists for several years, so it’s been amazing being able to be together. When we got married, we though, ‘What if we do a duo?’ We’d been singing forever, and our sound together was unique. It sounded right. There was a natural harmony, so it was really easy for us. I mean, we fight like everyone else. We argue and make up, but in the end it’s cool. She loves it, and I love it, and we’re able to fulfill the dream of being musical artists, and being a team together.”

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