First of all, she goes by her full name, which is pronounced Mee-May. There has long been that problem with pronouns, as in when someone asks the tennis coach “Who’s playing Number One singles today?” and the response is “Well, that would be Mi.” (It was recently suggested that they hold a fundraiser to buy her more letters and/or syllables for her name, but she says that she’s good.)

Mi Meh is a non-stop whirlwind of activity. Violinist in the orchestra; member of the Links crew that mentors freshman students; stalwart on the soccer team; volunteer for the Interact group that does projects around the campus; half of the top tennis doubles team that closed out the season winning five straight matches; and, oh yeah, number one in her class academically with a full slate of AP courses.

She has also achieved the (unofficial) rank of four-star general in the BTS Army of fans. She knows every song the group has ever recorded and even knows what they’re saying in Korean. She does have a favorite member of the group, but quickly adds, “They’re all so pretty.”

Mi Meh was recently honored by the STEP program and this summer will be spending a month in the Alaska Wilderness Leadership Expedition. It sounds very challenging, like her first-place award was a month in Alaska and second place got TWO months in Alaska. However, she’s really looking forward to it as the program promises to “cultivate self-confidence, courage, independence, and personal responsibility.”

She hopes that the experience will help her get into an Ivy League school. She has a preference, but it doesn’t really matter. They’re all so pretty.

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