Mission Impossible

Mission Imposible Fallout

In one of the best action thrillers ever produced, Tom Cruise reprises his Impossible Missions Force spy character Ethan Hunt once again, giving moviegoers the surprise film of 2018. The sixth chapter in the successful “Mission: Impossible” collection, “Fallout” brilliantly combines a stellar ensemble cast with a simplistic plot that cleverly gets more complicated and engrossing by the minute.

Academy Award-winner Christopher McQuarrie, who directed and wrote 2015’s “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation,” returns in both capacities to spearhead this pulse-raising movie experience that’s easily Tom Cruise’s best film in decades. 

Along with the same crew from “Rogue Nation” comes two newcomers to help locate and secure missing plutonium before it’s used by terrorists for a nuclear holocaust inside a trio of major cities. Those new faces are DC Extended Universe’s “Superman” Henry Cavill, and Marvel Studio’s Angela Bassett, from this year’s biggest hit “Black Panther.”

The addition of Cavill’s CIA assassin role is paramount to all the goodness found in “Fallout.” The soft-spoken actor constantly pokes and prods Cruise’s character to keep Ethan Hunt on top of his game while bringing humor to almost every scene. And it’s this film’s consistent pattern of humor—deadpan, sarcastic and self-deprecating—that makes “Fallout” the most entertaining “Mission: Impossible” saga so far in the 22-year -old spy series.

Director McQuarrie deserves credit for a strong, compelling storyline that gets more sophisticated with every high-altitude, low-opening parachute jump, mid-town motorcycle chase and helicopter dogfight. A large cast of ingredients gets added to this thriller’s mix in just the right measurements. None more evident than Cruise’s tempered romantic attraction to fellow secret agent Ilsa Faust, played once again by Rebecca Ferguson (“The Greatest Showman”) from “Rogue Nation.”

Nearly assured a top 10 spot for best films of 2018, “Fallout” is a sensational action thriller that lives up to high expectations. The wonderful cast energizes a storyline than gains momentum using several head fakes and an array of scenes that might be the most entertaining action in the modern film age. The 56-year old Tom Cruise is back with a mega blockbuster hit. That’s not a bad place to be going into next summer’s “Top Gun: Maverick.” 

Patrick King is a resident of Tucson and writer for the Reel Brief movie blog at reelbrief.com.  Email him at reelbriefmoviereviews@mail.com.

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