Don Williams

A near capacity crowd was on hand Sunday night, March 1, to welcome Don Williams, a.k.a. The Gentle Giant to the Fox Tucson Theatre. The audience knew their Don Williams, singing along with each song as if they had the lyrics in front of them. At one point, during the hit "I Believe In You", the vocals ceased from the stage and the chorus was sung by the crowd without missing a beat. Mr. Williams' response at the end of the song was: "Mercy!" in his familiar baritone. The light banter carried on between the crowd and the artist, and the number of very vocal professions of love from female members of the audience helped add to the lively atmosphere of the evening.

Don Williams' music spans decades. Born in Floydada, Texas in 1939 he first came to prominence in the middle '60s with a group called the Pozo Seco Singers, a trio, with Don, Lofton Cline and Susan Taylor that performed folk, pop and country. Their first single made the national Top 10. In the '70s it seemed like there was never a time when there was not a Don Williams song on AM country  radio. Hits included: "Tulsa Time" and "The Ties That Bind", to name just a couple.  He was inducted in to the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2010. His new CD, "Reflections" is now available on the American Harvest Recording Society label.

Among the audience was special guest Marilyn Bonebrake, 79, from Brookdale Assisted Living. Steven Glaser, of Senior Wish, together with Fox Tucson Executive Director Craig Sumberg made it possible for Marilyn and her family to attend the show. As guests of the Fox Tucson they were also treated to dinner at Café Milano. It was a fine example of a local business giving back to the community.

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