Buffalo Burger at CB2

The Buffalo Burger at CB2 on a whole wheat bun, cooked medium.

Thelma Grimes/The Explorer

When it comes to dining at establishments offered by the Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain, there is no question it will probably be intriguing and tasty. Recently, Cayton’s Restaurant introduced a new dining choice for visitors, taking the all-American experience of burgers, shakes, salads and sandwiches to a new level.

In the past, Cayton’s has been known for a relaxed setting with fine southwestern comfort food.

The new Burger Bistro format, known as CB2, takes fine dining and unique menu selections, and makes it a little more family friendly.

The menu provides a selection of 11 gourmet burgers, including the Buffalo ($14), which includes a nice cut of meat with guacamole, cilantro mayonnaise, lettuce, tomatoes and a choice of bun, ranging from a gluten-free choice to whole wheat, which shows CB2 is also looking at how to make the all-American favorite a little more healthy.

Cooked at medium, the Buffalo is tasty, but could use a little less of the guacamole and a little more cilantro mayonnaise that sounded so good.

However, we are getting ahead of ourselves. Besides the fine selection of main dishes, there are some appetizer choices that we found to be quite tasty. One of those selections is the Loaded Tater Tots ($11), which has pecan wood smoked bacon, cheese sauce, green onion, pickled jalapeños, pico de gallo and black olives. While I can’t say I’m fond of black olives on anything, they worked nicely in this strange, yet savory mixture. The cheese sauce made these tater tots a nice treat before diving into our burgers and shakes.

Besides the burger, I also ordered the creamsicle float ($6). The description of orange soda and vanilla ice cream took me back to some childhood memories and I had to give it a try. Using bottled orange soda, I found that it overwhelmed the ice cream and was just too sweet to really enjoy.

However, one of my dining partners, Jim, ordered the Double Chocolate Malt  ($6), which had excellent thickness and flavor, accommodating his CC Burger ($12) well. 

The CC Burger consists of chipotle aioli, pepper jack cheese, pecan wood smoked bacon, and beef-steak tomato. It was clear it was one of the most popular burgers on the menu.

With his burger, Jim also ordered the sweet potato fries. For the burger, shake and fries, CB2 offers the deal for $22.

With my burger, I ordered Sea Salt Dusted Hand Cut Fries. My dining partner’s sweet potato fries outdid the regular fries by far. They were as sweet as they needed to be, they had a perfect amount of crunch and I found myself stealing more of his than I was eating of mine.

My second dining partner, Ryan, decided the burgers and shakes were a little too much for him, opting for a healthier choice in choosing to order the Cobb Salad ($14). This salad was not hurting for flavor, nor was it lacking in size. The large portion was more than filling.

Besides the food being good, the atmosphere of this indoor and outdoor dining establishment is completely pleasant. From the décor to the view, you can’t beat the relaxing meal.

One main complaint about the restaurant – it was a little difficult to find due to a lack of signage. 

For more information on Cayton’s/CB2 and other dining options at The Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain, visit www.ritzcarlton.com/dovemountain

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