Skyline Country Club features plein air art exhibit

Artwork by Judy DeVincentis Morgan.

Courtesy photo

"Whether I'm at home or abroad, I see each new scene as a still life, a moment in time in a landscape: a tractor posing patiently in the sun, or a pattern of light in a mountain sunset," Jane Barton stated.

"I'm often drawn to a more intimate 'bug's eye view' of the world, a mosaic of color, light and form that tells the story of the greater view."

Barton's lanscape paintings will move Skyline Gallery attendees during a free opening reception featuring a Plein Air Exhibition, appetizers and cash bar on Thursday, June 13 at 5:30 p.m. The show will also present artists Judy DeVincentis Morgan, Geri Acosta and Joyce Nelson.

Skyline Country Club, 5200 E. St. Andrews Drive, has opened their halls to show the works of local artists as part of their recent country club renovation. The receptions are open to the public, providing an exclusive look at the country club and gallery.

"I paint so that I can freeze the sight and continue to enjoy it long after the sun has set, the boat has sailed, and the blooms have faded. And, of course, I want to share these moments of life - in whatever part of the world I happen to be with others," Barton added.

Jane Barton

After 25 years as a nationally recognized graphic designer, illustrator and portrait artist, Jane Barton made the transition from commercial to fine art. She has studied with some of the best artists in the country, and her paintings have been accepted in prestigious art shows from coast to coast. Many of her latest paintings draw on her love of traveling the globe, experiencing new cultures, scenery and ideas. She works both en plein air and in her Tucson studio.

Judy DeVincentis Morgan

"I am always amazed at the effect of light on a subject, be it a landscape, still life or portrait. I strive for an impressionistic style with confident brushstrokes that result in a fresh painterly quality," Judy DeVincentis Morgan stated.

Morgan has been painting and drawing for most of her life. A fine arts major in Southern California, she left to get married and raise a family. She continued to paint and was happily influenced by a supportive mentor in her 20's. Later in her professional career, Morgan took up decorative art and, for 20 years, published, designed and taught. In 2008, she and her husband relocated to Flagstaff, Ariz. "It is a great place to get back to my artistic roots, everywhere you look there is something spectacular to paint."

Joyce Nelson

"Art has always been a part of my life, and I'm thankful for that. I am happiest when being creative," Joyce Nelson stated. "My search for beauty is endless and always rewarding.

"Painting is, and always will be, my passion."

Geri Acosta

Geri Acosta was influenced in the arts by her mother, beginning at an early age. Caught drawing and coloring on her bedroom walls by her father, she remembers her mother's defense and support: "Leave her alone! That's her room! She's expressing herself!"

Her work has been called "passionate and colorful," and she describes it as impressionistic-expressionistic interpretations of portraits, landscapes, figures and still-lives, expressed on canvas with brush or palette knife via oil. She endeavors to give subjects meaning that surpasses their reality.

Skyline views

Tucked away in the rugged ridges of the Santa Catalina Mountains, Skyline Country Club offers a view of the Tucson landscape unparalleled by others.

Built more than 50 years ago, developers of the country club had the future in mind, knowing the city would expand to them eventually, and it did. Now in 2012, Skyline Country Club is nestled amongst a bustling suburb of the Catalina Foothills.

While its historical relevance and panoramic views remain, the country club decided it was time for an update in 2012. This fall marked the completion of a three-month renovation to their main clubhouse, home to a new casual dining wing with award-winning cuisine and an exquisite gallery featuring rotating works from talented artists.

Skyline Country Club Opening Night Reception

When: Thursday, June 13 at 5:30 p.m.

Where: Skyline Country Club, 5200 E. St. Andrews Drive

Cost: Free to attend

Phone: (520) 797-3959

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