Lois Britton 

After spending five years in Poznań, Poland and falling in love with the people, the culture and the food, Lois Britton’s friends call her the country’s best ambassador. 

She recently released a cookbook focused exclusively on Polish cuisine with the same name and genre as her popular cooking blog, “The Polish Housewife.”

Lois grew up in Arizona and was used to moving around in her adult life due to her husband’s job with the U.S. Air Force. She landed in Poland in 2009.

While her husband, Ed, was training Polish F-16 fighter pilots all day, Lois immersed herself in Polish life. She began blogging in 2009, just before moving to Poland, as a way to keep her friends and family up to date with her travels and adventures.

“I found I was connecting with people in the United States that I didn’t know, people who had grown up in Poznań and moved away, or people of Polish decent who were just really curious to learn more about where their family had come from,” Lois said.

She has been cooking and baking since she was eight years old, and her fascination with Polish food and culture led to the birth of her blog.

The Polish Housewife recipes go beyond just the metrics of cooking the perfect Polish dish. It also includes Lois’ personal experience with the dish along with cultural “tidbits” about the dish to feel as if she is right there in the kitchen with you helping to craft something delectable.

“I write my blog kind of the way I just talk to people,” Lois said. “If I had run into you and I was telling you about what I had cooked yesterday, that’s the story that would go with it. Kind of the history with it or how it’s used around holidays or where I first experienced it.”

Since the blog took shape in 2014, it has earned a loyal following from across the U.S. and in Poland. In fact, more people in Poznań, Poland read the blog than people in Tucson.

On a wake of support, Lois released a cookbook with 54 recipes to coincide with the seemingly countless recipes online.

The cookbook recipes are a combination of popular favorites from the blog, updated with new photos and some never-before-seen dishes making their Polish Housewife debut.

The variety of recipes in the cookbook includes soups, bread, side dishes, entrees, beverages, desserts and pierogi (an Eastern European dumpling wrapped around a sweet or savory filling). The book can be purchased for $25 in both glued or spiraled binding from her website, polishhousewife.com.

Despite no Polish roots, Lois has brought people from around the world closer to Polish culture through the welcoming medium of food by sharing her love of intriguing, delicious cooking. Certainly, worthy of an unofficial ambassadorship.

Jack Ramsey is a University of Arizona journalism student and Tucson Local Media intern.

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