The Latin Comedy Jam

The Latin Comedy Jam is set to bring non-stop hilarity to Tucson on Sept. 12 for a double show at The Leo Rich Theatre. Hosted by founder Mike Acquisto-Gotti, the jam is partnering with the Tucson Hispanic Chamber Scholarship Fund and a portion of the proceeds will benefit the fund.

“We’re spreading laughter and education at the same time,” said Acquisto-Gotti.

The cast of comedians for the show consists of Roberto Rodriguez, Dillon Garcia, Javi Luna and Steve Trevino. Each of these performers, along with the rest of the crew in the comedy jam, can be seen across the nation.

Acquisto-Gotti said the show isn’t intended for all ages, but is relatively tame. “It’s not a raunchy, dirty show,” he said. “There is some adult content, but for the most part, it’s a show you can bring your grandma to.”

Though it is called The Latin Comedy Jam, the show is in English and the content is intended for an audience of all backgrounds.

“The comics are Hispanic, but the comedy is universal,” Acquisto-Gotti said. “They’re from all walks of life and places, not just the United States: Uruguay, Bolivia, Peru, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Cuba and the Dominican Republic. “

The Latin Comedy Jam began four years ago, and stems from a long history of Latino-centric comedy shows. Productions in the past of ranged from The Latin Kings of Comedy Tour to the Loco-Slam, and these types of shows have been the starting point for numerous comedians. Gabriel Iglesias, George Lopez, Paul Rodriguez and Carlos Mencia all found their start in touring comedy shows.

Acquisto-Gotti said the comedians on the tour have built a strong family-like bond with one another over the years, and the community appeal of their show is part of the reason for their success. From the men and women working behind the scenes, to the comedians on stage, each member of the jam is important to Acquisto-Gotti.

“They all have character and they’re motivated,” he said, “that’s where the team aspect is.”

The Latin Comedy Jam is willing to bring the laughter to any city in need of a good show, and doesn’t discriminate between large and small-market areas.

“It’s good to go everywhere; it’s a show for everyone,” Acquisto-Gotti said. “If you have people that want to laugh, we’ll go there.”

Tucson will soon be the host of the hilarious comedy crew behind The Latin Comedy Jam. Tickets are available through and begin at $20.

The Latin Comedy Jam is also giving away two pairs of tickets through the Tucson Local Media readership. Enter here  and we'll contact the winners on Wednesday, Sept. 9 to attend a show on Saturday, Sept. 12.

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