It’s all about girl power at the upcoming “Ladies Night” food truck rally.

Button Brew House in Marana is teaming up with the Women’s Food Truck Owners of Southern Arizona to host the brewery’s first food truck rally to support women-owned businesses on Friday, Sept. 24. There will be a variety of food, beer and live music available.

“This will be the first ‘Ladies Night’ inaugural,” Button Brew House co-owner Erika Button said. “We are always looking to support local artists, food and non-profits. This is right in our wheelhouse.”

The Women’s Food Truck Owners of Southern Arizona is a group of independent food trucks owned, or co-owned by women, that gets together three to four times per month. The group started to meet for rallies in early summer and feature a variety of food and a live DJ. Anything from Mexican to barbecue might be served providing a potential wide range of choices for people in one spot.

Mary Wood started the food truck rallies and owns Blackjack Citrus Infusions, a mobile lemonade stand.

“The food truck industry tends to be male dominated,” Wood said. “One night there were a few lady vendors talking and that’s where the idea came from. Calling it ‘Ladies Night’ is a play on words of us getting our food trucks out there together to have fun.”

Wood crafts her 15+ creations from scratch, down to making the simple syrup to present the best flavor possible. Button reached out to Wood about the idea of having the Ladies Night food truck rally at the brewery. These two women came together and decided to combine the forces of good food, beer and company to bring joy to the local community.

The group has about 20 food trucks that consistently participate. Wood said they are trying to make it a safe place for new food truck owners to come and learn about the process of running a business. It also is proving to be a spot where women business owners can come together to support each other and their local community.

There is an additional Ladies Night food truck rally scheduled for Friday, Oct. 22. If the events go well, it might turn into a monthly event. Button Brew House is celebrating their upcoming four-year anniversary of being a part of the Marana community.

For Button, being a woman that co-owns a small business means now more than ever it is important to support other female entrepreneurs. The coronavirus pandemic has presented challenges to small businesses. 2020 proved to be a difficult year so for her this is an opportunity for people to safely get together and enjoy something new.

“We are supporting women-owned businesses,” Button said. “It's huge to be supportive of each other. That’s what the craft beer is about—supporting our community. That's why we built it. We have three daughters—we want something to support our family and community.”

Check out Button Brew House’s Facebook page or the Women’s Food Truck Owners of Southern Arizona’s Facebook page to find out more information.

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