Artifact Dance Project

The Artifact Dance Project will present a new show in January. 

Location:  Stevie Eller Dance Theatre

Dates:  Friday, January 9 at 7:30pm, Saturday, January 10 at 7:30pm & Sunday January 11 at 2:00pm

Tickets:  $27 general admission $18 students

Purchase tickets at

Artifact Dance Project (ADP) presents an impressive concert of several collaborations on a local and national level. Artistic directors Claire Hancock and Ashley Bowman work closely with Music director, Ben Nisbet to program a sophisticated evening of music and dance.  The concert’s title, “An Artist’s Proof” is inspired by the print making definition of an artist creating a proof to examine how the artwork will print, often becoming a limited edition piece.  The fleeting aspect of live music and dance lends to the fact that the same performance never occurs twice.  ADP will present our performance-based versions of several artist’s proofs. 

The concert will open with a world premiere in music and dance titled, Prism featuring a contemporary style of movement set to the new music of composer Richard Hereld.  Co-artistic director, Ashley Bowman choreographs Prism for 18 short piano variations played by pianist, Alexander Tenster.  Bowman’s movement explores modern dance in combination with balletic lines and quirky gestures.  It is inspired by how light can alter and effect the way we see things.  ADP lighting designer, Don Fox will create a unique atmosphere by segmenting areas of the stage with his designs.  Costume designer Charlene Hock, contributes her talents through constructing costumes with shimmering fabric.  In addition to premiering Hereld’s composition, Prism is intended to showcase the technical abilities of the company and will open the concert with the intention to impress and inspire. 

Guest choreographer, Joshua Blake Carter, director of Giordano Dance II, Chicago and dancer with the main company, will set a world premiere to Schumann’s Frauenliebe Und Leben, sung by mezzo soprano Korby Myrick and accompanied by pianist, Richard Hereld.  Carter is the recipient of the Producers' Panel Prize from The Ruth Page Foundation and winner of Ballet Nouveau Colorado's National Choreography Competition dancemakers2.0.  Artifact Dance Project is thrilled to have his fresh and unique choreography brought to the stage in Tucson. 

To potently close the first half of the concert, Co-artistic director, Claire Hancock will set the late David Berkey’s (1955-2004) masterwork titled, Sentinel for four men. This stunning dance is set to the adagio from Brahms' Violin Concerto, opus 77 for violin and piano played by ADP Music director/violinist, Ben Nisbet and pianist, Alexander Tenster.  Hancock set several of Berkey’s work on ADP for our premiere concerts as a company in 2009 and 2010 in addition to setting Sentinel on dancers from Vassar College in 2012.  Sentinel graces the stage once again, made possible through Hancock’s comprehensive knowledge as a répétiteur of Berkey’s works.

A Night at the Ballet, an original scenario and world premiere, opens the second half of the concert as a dramatic and narrative departure from the more contemporary works programmed for “An Artist’s Proof.”  Artifact Dance Project collaborates with art historian, director, and musician Kevin Justus along with his Zephyrus Trio D'Anches for clarinet (Kevin Justus), bassoon (Cassandra Bendickson) and oboe (Cynthia Behmer).  Justus created A Night at the Ballet specifically for Artifact Dance Project and will feature the music of five French composers, Dubois, Canteloube, Tansman, Bozza and Fraincaix.  The story is depicted through 14 scenes inspired by the silent films of the 1920’s and 30s.  ADP Co-artistic director, Ashley Bowman will choreograph the scenarios as well as take on the lead role as “The Tramp” (a Charlie Chaplin-like character).  Well-known Tucson actor, David Alexander Johnston, joins the cast of dancers as a guest artist to portray the role of “The Father.”   A Night at the Ballet will showcase what Artifact Dance Project dancers have become known for; technical abilities combined with sophisticated acting. 

Composer Richard Hereld is back on the program again to premiere his work for violin and piano titled, April of the Ferns.  ADP Co-artistic director, Claire Hancock will set new choreography to this elegant piece of music through her signature style of movement which combines classic modern dance with ballet for four women and a male dancer. 

To close the concert, Artifact Dance Project is proud to welcome guest dancer, Ryan Lawrence to the stage as he partners and dances with ADP Co-artistic director, Claire Hancock.  They will dance to selections from Ralph Vaughan Williams’ Along the Field; a collection of songs written in 1927 for voice and violin.  Mezzo Soprano, Korby Myrick returns to sing along side violinist, Ben Nisbet as Hancock and Lawrence dance together for a stunning duet to end the concert. 

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