To business professionals, it’s that quintessential morning meal that serves as a backdrop for engaging in deals with colleagues, customers and clients.

The power breakfast.

In my years as a lobbyist in Washington, D.C., power breakfasts dominated my calendar on a weekly basis, and were typically conducted at Washington’s tony hotel restaurants where politicos and power brokers congregated. Frankly, it didn’t much matter what was on the plate. This encounter was strictly about the deal, and the food itself was secondary.

To local restaurateur Sally Kane, that breakfast has somehow lost its spark, with far too many people either yielding to mediocrity or skipping the meal entirely, and she’s out to change the way people think about what’s often called the most important meal of the day.

“If the power breakfast is really about power, then the focus must be on the fuel,” said Kane, owner of The Coronet, 402 E. 9th Street. “We can’t get power without fuel, and, done right, breakfast will provide the fuel you need to get your day started powerfully.”

The Coronet’s breakfast menu is a manifestation of that promise, featuring a range of protein-centric dishes that are designed to jump-start the day.

Kane’s Steelhead gravlax tartine is her twist on the conventional bagel and lox plate, but she favors a pink trout over the more commonly used salmon.

She tells me that her steelhead is 100 percent sustainable, her primary objective, and a little less fatty than salmon. The dish is served with sweet onions, cucumbers, crème fraiche and a leafy salad.

Power and protein are also on parade in Kane’s Shakshuka, a traditional Middle Eastern dish featuring baked eggs, chickpeas, feta cheese and a spicy cumin tomato sauce, served with a cucumber salad.

“This dish is definitely one of our power players,” said Kane. “While it’s typical to see the Shakshuka on menus in New York and other big cities, I haven’t seen it anywhere else in Southern Arizona.”

Vegetarians can pump-up their proteins as well with Kane’s 2 x 3 Porridge, featuring flax, pepita and sesame seeds, along with steel-cut and bulgur oats.

“Our breakfast menu showcases a number of nutrient-laden protein bombs,” said Kane, “and if that doesn’t say ‘power,’ I don’t know what does!”

Finally, the coffee, and Kane argues that it must be “amazing” to earn a place on the power breakfast table.

“Our coffee is old school, not that third wave, South American, high acid stuff,” she said. “It comes from luscious and oily beans that are dark and slow-roasted, in the style of the Pacific Northwest, producing an earthy, sexy, easy to come to coffee.”

Sounds like my kind of joe.

The Coronet breakfast is served Tuesday – Saturday from 8am – 3pm, and Sunday from 8am – 2pm.

You might want to think twice about those pedestrian pancakes and start powering-up that morning meal. Your colleagues, customers and clients will expect nothing less.

Contact Matt Russell, whose day job is CEO of Russell Public Communications, at Russell is also the host of “On the Menu Live” that airs 4-5 p.m. Saturdays on KNST 790-AM, as well as the host of the Friday Weekend Watch segment on the “Buckmaster Show” on KVOI 1030-AM.

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