Street Taco

Street Taco is bringing its Mexican fare to Oro Valley, with plans to open this August near North Oracle Road and North First Avenue.

Prepare your palate, Oro Valley. Tacos are coming.

Street Tacos & Beer Company, currently found downtown at 58 W. Congress St., will open its first shop on the north side later this summer, with a tentative opening scheduled for August. The restaurant will open at 10785 N. Oracle Road in what was once a Starbucks. 

According to general manager Dago Martinez, the new location has been in-demand for a long time. 

“We have a lot of customers that cycle down from Oro Valley to Tucson that have requested us to come there,” he said. “We opened four years ago, and for about two years, they’ve been asking and asking, and now we’re here.” 

The Tucson-based taco shop, which also has a location inside the food hall of the Park Place Mall, will serve its full assortment of Mexican fare, in addition to beer, margaritas and non-alcoholic drinks. 

Martinez said the company’s decision to move into roughly 1,500 square foot location in Oro Valley came down to the space fitting their vision. 

“We looked around and checked it out and there were only a couple other locations, but they didn’t fit our needs,” he said. “And I think that location’s ability, the view, what we can do with it, it’s all unique. We’re kind of doing garage doors to open it up and have a nice view.” 

Martinez isn’t worried about having to strain too hard to attract customers to their new location, given the company’s growing reputation in the region for quality food.

“Everything is made in-house, we have a butcher in-house, all of our salsas, all of our beans are made in-house, so it’s all fresh,” Martinez said. “We don’t even have a freezer in any of our locations.” 

Martinez said the Oro Valley location will mostly mirror the company’s downtown restaurant, except there won’t be a traditional bar. 

When asked what separates Street Taco & Beer Company from its competitors, Martinez highlighted the shop’s unique focus on freshness and quality. 

“I think our tacos are simple, and that less is more,” Martinez said. “Our tacos are what you’d find in parts of Mexico, it’s just guacamole and garnished onion and cilantro and your choice of salsa. You don’t even need salsa though, that’s how good it is.”


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