Jennifer Hudson has a great story. Girl from Chicago, raised by a single mom, goes on American Idol, gets booted early, ends up starring in a movie that leads to her winning an Oscar, but her joy is tempered when three of her family members are killed under tragic circumstances. Then she loses a ton of weight using Weight Watchers. These facts might make you believe this book would be really interesting. You would be wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, everything I named above, with one exception, is covered in “I Got This”. And yet, none of it is interesting, mostly because Hudson glosses over everything. And I mean everything. The book absolutely races through her childhood, with a brief stop for how unhealthy her family’s eating habits were, passes briefly through her time on Idol, her time on the set of Dreamgirls, her Oscar win and meeting her current fiancé.

And then we get to the exception. Never once does Hudson mention the tragic murders of her mother, brother and nephew. Obviously this is her choice, but it seems like an odd set of circumstances to leave out in an autobiography. I can only imagine that the murders were important to her development as a person. But she chooses not to mention them, nor any of her feelings, nor how those events may have fundamentally changed her. 

What she does go into great detail about, painful detail in fact, is her experience with Weight Watchers. Not about her struggles losing the weight, which would have been interesting, but just about Weight Watchers.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for when I bought a Jennifer Hudson autobiography. Unless you are a huge fan, I’d probably skip this one. As it is, I can only give it 2.5 stars.



I  Got  This: How  I Changed  My  Ways and Lost  What Weighed  Me  Down

By: Jennifer Hudson

Pages: 256

Rating: 2.5 Stars

Price: $25.95 hardcover/$15 paperback/

$9.99 Kindle & Nook

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