There are plenty of selections at the restaurant located on Orange Grove.

Heidi Jaenicke/Explorer Intern

Locating quality fast food in Tucson can sometimes be a challenge, one eatery that understands the importance of fresh ingredients and efficiency is Ikkyu Japanese restaurant. 

Moments after stepping through the quaint corners of this establishment, one is quickly greeted by a friendly employee. Along with offering a pleasant atmosphere for guests, this place creates a variety of authentic Japanese menu items.

Nestled in between a busy parking lot at 2040 W. Orange Grove Road, this humble eatery is the place to go to when one is craving Asian cooking.  For seafood and sushi lovers alike, I recommend the Ikkyu house roll, filled with spicy tuna, squid salad, avocado and fish crabstick all seamed together in sushi rice drizzled with unagi sauce.

With a plethora of ingredients wrapped together in one, the Ikkyu roll ($6.07) constructs a complexity of different textures and flavors in every single bite. Sliced into four generous portions, this roll is gratifying for even the hungriest of people.

For the more conventional diners out there or those who want something else besides seafood, sampling the array of bento boxes is another way to entice your taste buds. For the inexpensive price of $7.24, one can enjoy a choice of  goyza (Japanese dumplings filled with minced meat), chicken, pork, or beef bento boxes all of which come with a side of rice, potato salad, seaweed salad and edamame.

Japanese style Yakisoba noodles ($6.44) are another popular item that are a must try at this restaurant. House made and fresh to order the well-seasoned Yakisoba sauce is equally distributed amid the noodles, sautéed vegetables and the customer’s choice of meat either beef, chicken or pork.

Another fulfilling item at this business is the Donburi (bowls served over steamed rice). I particularly enjoyed the light yet satisfying Spicy Tuna Don ($7.97) topped off with julienne seaweed strips, sesame seeds and scallions all of which are accompanied with a cup of savory miso soup.

While many restaurants can offer food at a fast rate, not many can maintain the integrity of food in combination with proficiency. Amongst the vast options for lunch and dinner in the Tucson area, Ikkyu stands out from the crowd in both customer service and cuisine.

Ikkyu Japanese restaurant is open Monday – Saturday 11 a.m. – 8 p.m. and closed on Sundays.

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