The Accidentals

The Accidentals perform during a concert in Tucson.

Traverse City, Michigan’s the Accidentals have made great strides in short time since their 19 year-old multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriters Sav Buist and Katie Larson debuted as a band in 2011. 

“The Silence,” a song from off of their second album Bittersweet, launched them into national acclaim with the attention of Grammy award-winning producer Stewart Lerman and musician Marshall Crenshaw, garnering a recording deal with the famed duo. 

In between and beyond then, the band has picked up a third member in percussionist, beatboxer, guitarist and vocalist Michael Dause and has garnered positive press from Billboard as one of SXSW’s breakout acts of 2015.

North Tucsonan audiences were given a special treat from the up-and-coming eclectic folk-rockers when they made their Southern Arizona debut at Monterey Court at 505 W. Miracle Mile, a local outdoor food, arts and music venue renovated from out of an old motorcade by owners Greg Haver and Kelly McLear upon their January 2011 purchase. On Nov. 16, the Accidentals graced the stage with their individualistic flair, drawing crowds from throughout Tucson, Oro Valley and even their home state of Michigan.

“We normally only have an hour and a half-long set, total, at most of our stops,” Dause said during an interim period of their three-hour show, “so this three hour set is pretty cool.”

The band captivated its first Tucson audience with a strong balance of enthralling songs, entrancing stage presence and witty and personable banter. In between certain performances, members of the band would explain the process behind developing the song that was about to come up next, especially when attached to the seemingly zany and unlikely. Larson’s “Parking Lot” was written out of the band’s experience waiting outside of 21-plus venues to perform because of their current status as minors, and one definitely would not have guessed the swagger that Buist produced on the Monterey Court stage during “Trouble” was inspired by hot sauce indigestion, unless they were told.

The performance was topped with the Accidentals expressing their congenial attitudes in a rousing, venue-wide edition of “Happy Birthday” for local favorite singer-songwriter Wally Lawder, who was in attendance. With a thankful smile, Lawder expressed his awe of the band, citing their unique songwriting and looming stage presence as two major positives that will help them moving forward.

In a statement, Buist expressed her gratitude towards Monterey Court for the opportunity to showcase their Tucson debut. 

“Every table was surrounded by music lovers. The food was fantastic, and it was a pretty cold night so Greg, the owner, placed heaters all over the stage to keep us warm,” said Buist. “We are so incredibly grateful to have been introduced to the Tuscon area by a great friend, and welcomed by such a warm venue and a multitude of smiling faces. We will definitely come back sometime soon.”

For information on the Accidentals, including streams of their albums Tangled Red and Blue and Bittersweet, visit or their Facebook page.

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