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I don’t know Don Cox, but know of him through his frequent published letters to editors. This man is negative and full of hate for our new council. His letters are long on words and in my opinion the words of a sore loser from Hiremath’s resounding defeat.

Try publishing letters that have something positive to say, or at least if they want to be critical, do it in a more polite manner.

In my honest opinion, Cox is published way too often, give someone else a chance. Thank you.

—Marvin Klein, Oro Valley


Thank You

My wife and I have had the pleasure of enjoying Oro Valley as a winter home for several years now. Last week, she had the misfortune of having a medical issue requiring emergency treatment. She is better now, and expects to recover fully in the coming weeks.

I would like to thank those responsible for this positive result: the nurse practitioner at CVS who identified the problem and called 911; the Golder Ranch Fire Department crew whose rapid response and calm, competent manner provided reassurance in a distressing situation; the ER doctors at the Oro Valley Hospital who quickly determined the nature, severity and cause of the problem; and the ER and ICU nurses whose excellent care came with an added dose of thoughtfulness and cheer. 

I hope that most of your readers never have this sort of medical emergency, but if they do, they are good hands

—Neil Witchlow, Oro Valley

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