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U.S. Capitol Police officers scuffle with insurrectionists after they breached security fencing on Jan. 6. 

Tell Me, Tom

Regarding “Congressman explains why he voted to impeach Trump” (Jan. 20): Dear Congressman O’Halleran, I have read your quotes recently on the topic of your vote for the impeachment of Donald Trump.

My initial reaction was to question what you must surely have known by the time the impeachment vote came up, of the information the FBI had put out about the advance intel they had of the planned attack on the Capitol in Washington D.C. I can understand that you might not have known who, or what group was responsible, but to go ahead and assume that it must be Trump’s fault is making some assumptions that I don’t think you are entitled to make. At least not until you have the facts.

Had you ever considered what kind of precedent you are participating in—that of being able to impeach a citizen of the U.S. that is not a current sitting government member. Doesn’t that open the door for impeaching anyone running for a position in Congress that might be opposing a candidate of the majority party?

In your statement in the Explorer you mentioned that the assailants had “baseball bats and other things.” Where do you think they got those bats? Do you think they were hanging around listening to Trump speaking and the bats were hidden in their clothing or somewhere? 

Had you really thought this through before voting, or was your vote a conditioned response as a Pelosicrat? Just curious.

John Spitler, Oro Valley Resident


Trump’s Truth 2.0

Regarding John Spitler’s letter to the editor “Trump’s Truth” (Jan. 20): Truth and Trump cannot be used in the same sentence.

While the FBI knew about the attack on the Capitol at least one day before, Trump also knew this as well. His speech was not a surprise event; rather, it was a planned approach to encourage his supporters to perform exactly as they did. The inflammatory language used by Trump and others did not call for a peaceful protest on Jan. 6.

Trump received 10 million more votes than he did in 2016; however, Biden received many more votes than Hillary Clinton did in 2016 as well, and let’s remember that her popular vote tally was greater than Trump’s. 

A major focus of the GOP was not to gain additional voters for the 2020 election; rather, it was to reduce the number of voters who might vote for Democratic candidates and this has been a major GOP strategy for years. However, increasing more voters overall as well as the number of voters who would choose Democratic candidates was the major focus of the Democrats.  

Mr. Spitler probably is not willing to accept these truths. While GOP politicians have admitted this, Mr. Spitler probably believes this is just another false statement from the left.

After four years of Trump, many GOP voters did not support Trump in 2020 for a variety of reasons that would take more wording than I am allowed in this letter. Just one example will illustrate this point. Once the truth was known regarding Trump’s knowledge of COVID and how he chose to handle the pandemic, the loss of support by GOP voters who accepted the truth about COVID began. It is obvious that I am not a Trump supporter; however, I do believe that if Trump approached the pandemic in a manner similar to President Biden’s approach, Trump would have won the 2020 election by a landslide. 

Lastly, If President Obama had the same record and behavior as Trump, the GOP would have called for impeachment and Democratic support for impeachment. You just do not want to admit this, and that may be the saddest statement of all.

Craig Whaley, Marana Resident


Trump incited mob

Throughout the history of our nation, millions of people have put their lives on the line to preserve and defend our democratic institutions. As an Army veteran from Marana, I’m proud to count myself among those who have raised their hands and sworn to defend the Constitution of the United States. 

The President swears a similar oath, which is why I was so angry and dismayed to watch Donald Trump incite a mob of rioters into a deadly assault on our Capitol on Jan. 6. This was nothing less than an act of sedition, designed to steal power and destroy our democracy. There must be accountability for all those who conspired to undermine our free and fair elections through violence and intimidation. Congress must immediately convict former President Trump and bar him from ever holding future office. There will surely be a thorough and tenacious investigation into this attempt to seize power, but we don’t need to wait to know that President Trump is directly responsible for the violence that day. Anyone who participated in the Jan. 6 desecration of our Capitol must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 

We cannot wait another day. Failing to act now will only invite more acts of treason. Military members have met our duty to this nation, now it’s time for Congress to fulfill their oath and remove this dangerous traitor from office.

Dana Allmond, Marana resident


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