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Spare us

When the trenches were open and deep during the La Cañada widening project, I asked if TEP would be burying its electrical lines. I was told the road project was not part of Oro Valley and it wasn’t their call.  As anyone driving down the “Desert Parkway” sections of La Cañada can see, the massive, unsightly miles of silver-colored electrical towers greatly diminish any “desert” theme.

I surely hope when trenching is underway on La Cholla, the electrical lines are buried along with other utilities. Please spare us another “Desert Parkway” lined with giant electrical towers.

—Lois Berkowitz, 


Oro Valley

Protecting Oro Valley

Since Aug. 28 a hush has fallen over Oro Valley. It’s the, “Holy crap! How did that happen” hush. To some it was expected. To others it was a shock of major proportions. Honestly, I was in the former group.

But that’s then and this is now. I wish all of the incumbents a long, happy and healthy future, a tremendous amount of thanks for their service and my personal thanks for being futuristic. 

To the newly elected council members I wish you success, a prayer for guidance from above and hope that this community survives your tenure with a minimum amount of harm.

Sadly, I think the fact that we have heard nothing  from the newly-elected mayor or councilmembers is a testimonial to the fact that they have no idea what they are going to do. It was obvious from the campaign that they had no short or long-range plan. 

Coupled with that we have also learned that the local press has no interest in what they are going to do as there has been nothing in the ‘Exploder’ or the ‘Red Star.’ But then I suppose that would be asking too much of them to seek out news. For weeks they have been strong supporters of the “hush.” 

Fasten your seatbelts, don’t become lazy and please speak out when appropriate. We have Oro Valley, Arizona to protect.

—Don Cox, Oro Valley

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