Naranja Park quails

 In Don Cox’s October 6th letter (Transparency?) he claimed that Oro Valley residents had no idea about the $25 million parks bond until they read about it on the front page of the September 29th Explorer. That is false.

Two months earlier, on July 31st, the Explorer published a “Special to the Explorer” written by Mayor Joe Winfield entitled, “Exciting plans for Oro Valley parks and recreation.” In it, Winfield explained that the town was planning to implement “a $25 million parks and recreation bond, which will be funded by the half-cent sales tax that was previously dedicated only to golf and the community center.”

Cox went on to accuse Mayor Winfield and Vice-Mayor Barrett of deliberately lacking in transparency by wording that agenda item so badly that no one would have known that it was regarding a $25M bond. Also false.

As usual, Cox did not do his homework before placing blame.  While I agree that the wording of that agenda item was unintelligible (I would call it a legal word salad) Winfield and Barrett were not the authors. I know this because I inquired with the town who informed me that, “Regarding the $25M bond item that was on the September 22, 2021 Council agenda, this specific agenda item’s language came from the Town’s bond counsel to meet legal compliance.”

But all one had to do was click on the agenda item, and you would learn that it was regarding the $25M parks and rec bond which would be used at the Community Center, Naranja Park, and for multi-use paths and that it would be repaid at $1.7M per year for 20 years.


Diane Peters, Oro Valley


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