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Name game

Our illustrious Mayor Satish Hiremath has allegedly been posting propaganda under his daughter’s name on the Next Door Site in response to resident’s criticism.  

The criticisms are extremely relevant, since they highlight his unwise and sometimes detrimental past decisions: such as the money losing purchase of the El Con property and golf courses, as well as the bond proposal recently passed unanimously by the mayor and council. Both these actions were done without voter approval.  

A property tax was also proposed last November that did require voter approval. This bond issue was defeated a majority of the voters, spurred by the Axe the Tax group.  

After eight years as mayor, most Oro Valley residents are fed up with Hiremath’s spending spree and over development policies. This group rarely sees a rezoning or development proposal it doesn’t approve. This rubber stamp council has voted unanimously in most crucial matters in the past years.

Fortunately, 2018 is an election year. This is your opportunity to replace the fiscally irresponsible mayor and his lock step voting council. Four of the seven members of the council are up for re-election, including the mayor.

— Rudy Roszak



Records request

I use the social media site Next Door.  Recently, I followed the “Oro Valley Elections” thread.  Mayor Hiremath and Mahra Solberg posted on this thread.  I replied to Mahra that some of her content was from Mayor Hiremath’s campaign flyer. Ms. Solberg had previously advised several residents the only true source of information was the town’s website and/or the mayor.

I have little faith in the veracity of information on the town’s website. I filed a records request to get the e-mails behind the town’s fact checker page and confirmed my suspicions that it was a talking points platform for the incumbents.

When the town said in their five-year forecast that millions in repairs to the golf courses prevented them from forecasting the Community Center Fund past 2018/19, I filed another records request which cut through the town manager’s attempt to hide future losses. In 2019 the operational losses will decrease an even couple of million with the courses torn up for irrigation repairs. Judge that forecast for yourself.

Then the next five years (with repairs completed) the Town is set to improve its operations, but still lose funds. That income stream alone could have paid for the Mayor’s Naranja Park 454 bond instead of the property tax he wanted to levy on residents.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

— Kim Krostue



Golf course woes

Here we go again. After hearing repeated assurances from the mayor and his cronies that everything was going to be just fine with their golf course fiasco, another local course is biting the dust. The Golf Club at Vistoso couldn’t make it financially, but somehow the Troon-managed, Oro Valley-owned 45 holes are going to be just fine. 

While the golf course gang was pondering the purchase, they visited the then general manager of Sun City Oro Valley (whose responsibilities included an 18-hole course and restaurant) to get his endorsement. He advised them that they were unrealistic with their projections. Guess he was right. Instead of experiencing a short-term loss followed by break even, millions have already been spent, and all correcting options are going to cost millions more.

I was one of many who attended the December 2014 council meeting held to receive OV resident input. There were no supporters, but plenty who saw the problems. With all the negatives, one just has to wonder, why would they have ignored the facts and proceeded with such a high-risk project? I will leave that to your imagination, but we are stuck with this turkey, and now we have to try to minimize the damage. I urge readers to question candidates in the upcoming town election and listen carefully to what they say. And then seriously consider whether the incumbents are those capable of leading us out of this quagmire they have created.

—John Evert

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[smile] Personally, I'm happy Oro Valley bought and will now turn a large parcel of land into strip malls/housing tracts etc that DON'T waste water, are taxed HIGHER than golf courses and aren't just something for the wealthy!

I say Oro Valley has plenty of golf course choices, if they're not your cup of tea, Tucson has MANY..just pick one, drive there have hit that little ball around endlessly to your hearts content!

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