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Many sources

Regarding May 9 letter “Primary Source”: Councilmember Solomon disparaged fact-based resident information sites by calling them “one-sided opinion blogs.” It has been my experience that Let Oro Valley Excel and Takeback Oro Valley deal with town issues where the town’s website focuses on message control.

I will cite a few examples. In last year’s 454 Bond election the town site never informed residents that the mayor’s bond “for the kids” was in fact a property tax for the adults. 

Moving on: The town lauded the National Golf Foundation upon approving a comprehensive study on how to fix the golf mess. The 170 page study report recommended reducing the 45 holes to 27 holes to cut golf losses. But somehow, the study report has disappeared from the town’s website. The report stated the overall demand/supply balance for golf in the greater Tucson market is very unfavorable to golf courses.

Closer to home I filed a FOIA request to review the e-mails on the Town’s Fact Checker web tab, and found a message control exercise supporting incumbent policies with content directed to be at a “10-year-old reading level.” It’s one of the reasons why Takeback and LOVE published content is an order of magnitude better than the Town’s. I would urge residents to read Town website content and judge for themselves. Also read sources like LOVE and Takeback for the rest of the story.

Councilman Solomon, my advice to you is to welcome the opinions of all residents who, like you, care about Oro Valley.

—Kim Krostue

Editor’s Note: The National Golf Foundation study can be found attached to the July 12, 2017 special/study session on the town’s website.


Welcome to California

We moved to Oro Valley from California in 2000. We found a perfect place to retire and be near children and grandkids.

We especially enjoyed the open space and small town feel after living in Southern California with its cookie cutter houses, traffic and smog. But sadly, Oro Valley is losing its small town character due to modified zoning policies and rampant increase in building permits which appear to favor a few large developers.

We live about a mile from First and Oracle, so it was no problem to shoot down to the intersection and quickly pick up some groceries at Fry’s or articles at Home Depot. I would drop down to Lambert Lane, stop at the light then make a quick right turn onto First Avenue. But no more!

The last time I tried this maneuver, I sat at the intersection while wave after wave of cars raced down the hill to make the light. You see, you not only have to make the right turn on red safely, you must quickly get up to freeway speed to avoid being run over. This situation will only get worse as development of over 250 new housing units to the South of Tangerine and East of First has been approved and construction has already started. Similar building activities are scheduled throughout all areas of the town.

Am I the only one who sees Oro Valley turning into Anaheim, California?

—Marvin Whitfield

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