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Golf Gluttony  

I am a golfer and not only love the game but also love golf courses.  I have played most of the greater Tucson Golf courses and we have variety galore. Unfortunately, we have too many golf courses and they will not all survive.  

Why do we have too many golf courses?

Many of our golf courses were built when the economy and Arnold Palmer were thriving and with the expectation that would continue forever. We overbuilt golf courses. Many are great but not all.

Golf is a great game that requires a lot of things to be enjoyed. Even then it can be very frustrating and only the very persistent (dumb and tenacious) person will keep trying to play well for various reasons. The number of golfers and rounds played has declined over the past many years for several reasons, including the time commitment and the cost associated with the game, which goes way beyond the actual cost of a round of golf.  We end up with too many golf courses chasing too few golfers.

In order to attract the declining number of dedicated fools (golfers), a course needs three main ingredients; an outstanding course, superb management and deep pockets from an entity willing to spend the money to keep the course open.

Unfortunately, our 45 holes of golf courses purchased a few years ago have none of these features. Our HSL courses are doomed and it is just a matter of time. 

Let’s prioritize where we spend our park and recreation funds to rebalance and best fulfill the needs of the town.

Giving the prior administration the benefit of the doubt, their decision to purchase the HSL golf course property was ill-advised and a mistake. Please elect new OV Town Council members that will take the bull by the horn and redirect our park and recreational funds. 

—Bob Henderson, Oro Valley

The Importance of Local Government

Now more than ever, we need a dependable and robust representation at the town level. Our municipal government is where progress happens or doesn’t. The last two years found the town council embroiled in one of Joe Winfield’s campaign promises to close the golf courses. The town clearly protested, and the golf courses survived.  Citizen participation increased as a consequence of the last election.

Another of Winfield’s campaign promises was to rein in development. With the recent purchase of the Oro Valley Marketplace, Town West has revealed a significant development proposal that would transform the Marketplace from a shopping center into a recreation and hospitality hub. If the Four Horsemen of the El Conquistador morph into the Four Horsemen of the Marketplace, there will be no doubt additional unwarranted costs similar to Winfield’s landscape architect for the golf course and headhunter fees for hiring a new chief of police. Adding Tim Bohen’s imaginary business experience to the council drives them farther in regression.

The mayor is ultimately responsible for criminal justice and policing reform. We live in a town with an election this year, and the future of police relations in our community is counting on your participation in this election. Joe Winfield, regardless of what he says in public, adopted Mike Zinkin’s adverse philosophy on the Oro Valley Police Department, criticizing its leadership and policies that made Oro Valley one of the safest communities in Arizona. Adding Bill Garner, the ex-council member that christened the police department “prima donnas and thugs,” to the council will critically impact the role of the OVPD in our future.

The Electoral College isn’t up for a vote this year, so every single vote matters in our next election like never before. Unfit candidates have set back entire cities because they won by 10 votes. Greene, Rodman and Solomon are the only candidates that make sense!

—Janis Johnson, Oro Valley


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