I am a Republican.

I don’t think the election was stolen. However, based on polling, it appears there are many millions from my party that do. The thing that really bothers me is that for some people, everyone who dares to think that the election was stolen is being lumped in with the few hundred who illegally stormed the Capitol.  

That’s not how America works. I don’t think that anyone is saying that everyone who peacefully protested at any of the many Black Lives Matter protests is as guilty of the many who burned down businesses and caused hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars of property damage.

 What this country needs right now is not more polarization. The country needs understanding and tolerance of those who dare to have the opposite view, whether that be a stolen election or abortion on demand, or a strong military or nationalized healthcare. The kind of polarization we see across the country today is toxic to our politics. Politics, by its very nature, involves a wide variety of different thoughts and opinions. How can we have a national conversation about anything if we won’t even listen to someone because they dare to be from the other side? This should start with our own personal discourse, and should also be reflected in the media.  

How about if we listen to the other side respectfully, and have a civil conversation?  We may persuade someone else to our side or maybe, just maybe, we may even learn a new point of view that we hadn’t considered. 

Richard Wilson, Tucson


Shill Talk  

Regarding the letter “Disaster Response” (March 3): Ms. Peters’ comments about my letters always contain a few pearls. Her most recent submission did not disappoint.

I did say that the reason some businesses in the Marketplace have failed is due to the lack of rooftops. I didn’t say failures at the Marketplace were exclusively due to the vacant land immediately around the project. If she can’t figure out why Wal-Mart is successful when a Dick’s Sporting Goods isn’t, then any explanation I would offer would be wasted on her.

I did speak in support of the Marketplace in 2006 and her quote of me regarding sales tax from the Marketplace is accurate. I readily admit that I said that the tax revenue generated from the Marketplace would support more police personnel, can build and maintain more and better parks and provide more funds to maintain our roadways. I am guilty as charged.

Since the Oro Valley Marketplace has been built, we have added more police. We have constructed a state-of-the-art evidence facility. We have vastly improved our police communication systems. We have purchased several new, better and more safe police vehicles. Our crime rate remains extremely low.

We have built out Naranja Park to include an archery range, two dog parks, several new multi-purpose fields, and a very new playground. We have vastly improved the Little League fields at JDK Park.

We have made dramatic improvements to Lambert Lane, La Canada, Naranja and other Oro Valley roadways. In general, our roadways are the envy of Pima County.

So everything that she attributed to me has happened.

I admit that I am a shill. I am a shill for the betterment of Oro Valley. I am a shill for the citizens of Oro Valley. I am a shill for the revenue streams that supports Oro Valley. And I am proud to have supported projects that have put more ‘shillings’ in the Town of Oro Valley coffers.

Don Cox, Oro Valley


Cancel Nintzel 

Daniel Cervantes’s letter, “Far-Left News” is correct in what he says. 

One only has to know that the Explorer Executive Editor Jim Nintzel is also the editor of the far-left publication Tucson Weekly and has been for years. Some of the articles in the Explorer are the same ones as in the Weekly. 

He has also brought with him other people that hate conservatives, such as Tom Danehy.  

Ralph Jameson, Oro Valley


Far-Out News  

I had to laugh at the letter “Far Left News” which claimed The Explorer is “nothing but left-wing propaganda.” The author says leftists make the most noise and “throw a fit” if their views cannot dominate society. (Proof of this, according to the author, will be if anyone responds to his comments). 

Let’s take a look at who is really making noise and fit-throwing. All I’ve heard for over four months is Trump and “the right” incessantly screaming their big lie that they won the election and carrying on with endless falsehoods about voter fraud along with pushing lunatic conspiracy theories. 

As for “throwing a fit,” not much can top the far right’s reaction to not getting their way (ie; losing the election): a violent insurrection, storming of the Capitol resulting in five deaths and horrendous injuries and desecration of the Capitol while terrorizing our lawmakers. 

Don’t like the “noise” of liberals and other decent people objecting to this anarchy? Too bad.

Deb Klumpp, Oro Valley


Marana Madness

I am beyond disappointed and well into disgusted upon learning in the Feb. 24 Marana News that the Marana Chamber of Commerce actively supports hard-right political organizing efforts to help return Arizona’s politics to reliably deep red.

I refer to a three-quarter page ad announcing the Chamber’s sponsorship of an upcoming “New Leader Training” day for aspiring “conservative” activists, political candidates and campaigners. Funny that the ad disguises the fact the event is intended for conservatives. But that intent is plainly revealed by the website of the organization the Chamber is partnering with to conduct the training: the so-called “American Majority” (AM).

There you’ll find a mission statement which in part reads: “The Progressive Left is set on flipping states that have been reliably ‘red’ into liberal-leaning ‘blue’ states. We fight it. Every single day. We are American Majority … the nation’s premier conservative training organization, helping to put in place a truly unique, separate political infrastructure … American Majority continually trains, organizes, mobilizes, and equips new grassroots conservative leaders.”

Maybe my head’s been in the desert and it’s just accepted that the Marana Chamber of Commerce has taken this political direction as part of its mission. Maybe I’m the last to find out their new slogan could be something like “Keep Marana’s commerce in the green by keeping its politics in the red?”

Well, whatever the case, this absolutely demands looking into along with an administration and board who seem to feel that helping to recruit and train the next Mark Finchem—or Lauren Boebert or Marjorie Taylor Greene—will help Marana’s business community thrive.

In conclusion, I call for the Chamber to rethink what its actual role is and pull out of this ill-considered event. Because if they don’t, lots of us will be demanding they host a similar training for progressive campaign activists, say, under the auspices of Move-On.Org! And we may be protesting at the entrance to the venue where the conservative training will be held.

Jerry Farnsworth, Marana

Thanks, Robert

I have been reading your “Letters to the Editor” with great interest. I want to thank Marana News for making newspapers interesting for me again. I enjoy reading the ongoing political debate between your readers. The anonymity of the internet breeds an uncivil contemptuous discourse. The letters that appear in your newspaper represent real thoughts and opinions from real neighbors. I would request these writers to step back and see the big picture.

We are all Americans in this fabulous country. Whereas we may have different opinions, we all wish the best for our country regardless of our political affiliation. It is great that you can express your unbridled opinions in this paper. However, we must be united behind our country against our true enemies.

Our enemies are not Democrats or Republicans. Remember almost 20 years ago, a group hijacked the 911 catastrophe and used it as an excuse to catapult us into “unrelated and endless wars.”

As the pandemic winds down, we must set aside our political differences and be vigilant not to allow the catastrophe of the pandemic to be used again as an excuse to involve America in more unrelated and endless wars. Real people die in wars regardless of their political affiliation.

Robert Martinez, Marana

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