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Regarding March 6 letter “Waste of Money”: I take exception only to his last paragraph: “a colossal waste of money and serve no useful purpose.” 

I agree with him, that the “Wall” is not the perfect end-all solution to the problem at our southern border. The “Wall” is only a link in the process of controlling the flow of illicit drugs and people into our country. In addition to it are technological advances needed in tractor-trailer scanners at the “well-policed official ports of entry” and ground penetrating sonar to detect tunnels. These deterrents still only act in association with increased electronic surveillance in open areas and ground patrols. 

Are we all to believe that these all are “a colossal waste of money and serve no useful purpose” as well? I think not. Drugs are not the only problem we are facing. The flow of illegal aliens across the border fosters a number of problems as well. The brutal treatment and rape of women and young girls, a criminal element that exploits them financially, violent gang members, criminals, etc. 

We have a policy which already allows for the systematic immigration of those truly seeking the American Dream or to escape tyranny. We welcome those who mean the country no harm and are seeking a better way of life. It has been in place for over 200 hundred years. Solving these issues is important for us all. No one party is right or wrong all the time. The time has come for us all to stop vilifying and shouting down those with a differing opinion of how to solve this problem. 

How about some civility and look for the positives. God bless our country.

—Dan Harvey, Oro Valley



House Bill 2523, which just passed in the state House of Representatives, would allow companies to pay students who work under 20 hours a week to receive the federal minimum wage, $7.25 an hour, rather that state minimum wage, $11.00. This is a $3.75 drop in pay and will affect thousands of Arizonans. 

Lowering pay for students based on their age is discrimination, and will hurt Arizona students. Many students work to support themselves and don’t deserve to make less than minimum wage simply because they’re students. Many students also work multiple part time jobs so making the exception for student who work more than 20 hours a week doesn’t help students that work multiple part time jobs because a full time job won’t work around their school schedule, as many jobs refuse to do. This bill hurts students and hurts Arizonans.

This won’t help young people like Rep. Grantham argues but will make it harder for lower income students to stay in school. When their wages drop one-third and they’re forced to choose between staying in school and affording rent, food, an basic necessities many of these students will have to drop out. This bill, if passed, will create event more barriers for lower income students that already face so many challenges within our education system.

—Claire Knipe, Tucson

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