Letters to Editor

Property Problem 

It is almost common knowledge that some of the newly elected Councilmembers feel that they were elected to close the golf courses that are such integral parts of the amenities of Oro Valley. How do you feel about your property values (including your equity) being decreased by 4 to 18 percent if the golf courses are closed? That is what a recent professional appraisal says would be the result of closing the golf courses. Your property valuation (and your equity, your nest egg) will drop depending on proximity to the golf courses. There are approximately 1,700 units in the vicinity of the golf courses. If your home is worth $300,000 how do you feel about losing $12,000 to $54,000 of your nest egg? Do the math. 

How could this possibly be good for property owners who depend on that equity for future expenses? How could this be good for Oro Valley? And how could it be good for over 25 percent of Oro Valley residents who are seniors who rely on their equity for the purpose of potential funds needed for assisted living. Write, phone, email or visit your Councilmembers now, all of them! Remind them that their job is to preserve your property values and your equity, not destroy them. Don’t let them take away your nest egg.

— Bill Wissler, Oro Valley


Car Lot

Has anyone been shopping at the Fry’s grocery store at the corner of La Cañada and Lambert? The Fry’s parking lot appears to have been converted to a “used car lot.” The only thing it is missing is a giant inflated ape holding a sign advertising “Big Car Sale.” Last night (June 4) on my trip to Fry’s, I counted over a 20 parked vehicles displaying “For Sale” signs. The number of autos for sale is increasing and creating a eye sore for the Oro Valley community. Let the licensed auto brokers or Craigslist sellers conduct their business from their own home. I’m sure the owner or the property management company is unaware of the used car lot business being operated on their property.

— Lynette White, Tucson 

Golf Courses, Solved

The last several weeks, the letters to the editor have focused on the community center/golf course. In my study of this situation, I have discovered a number of concerns. Before the last election, more people supported the purchase of the golf course than opposed it. Today, the opposite is true, but not nearly by the same margin. 

We continually hear about the golf course problem. We hear the old administration is to blame. We hear the new administration doesn’t know what they are doing. We see a lot of finger pointing. What we don’t hear is a solution. There’s a solution to every problem, and the community center/golf course is a management problem. However, it’s evident that people like to complain and, complain they will, with no thought for a resolution. 

I would strongly suggest that an “Oversight Commission” be formed from our citizens, local businesses and government to investigate the problem and determine a plan, and a contingency plan, to resolve the problem to everybody’s satisfaction.

— James Prunty, Oro Valley

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