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A positive outlook, please

Regarding April 3 letter “No Collusion”: After reading “No Collusion” in last week’s edition, which was a person’s attempt to keep the hate going, I thought, please, let’s not start to make this weekly local paper into another opportunity for people to post negative opinions which seem to be occurring over and over. 

Let’s all start to look at the positives in life and just stop trying to bring someone/anyone/anything down. I believe, with honest thought, anyone can agree that there really are good things going on and good things getting done for our country!

—Rosalie Wright, Oro Valley


Explore my trash

Regarding April 3 letter “No Collusion”:  Just having moved back into the northwest side, I can see why so many of your papers are laying in driveways, only to be thrown away, never to be read. The Voice column had 14 column-inches called “No collusion.” Writer was not named.

Who wants to read this trash? I hope some of your advertisers get this message. Isn’t your intent to be about the community? If we want this trash, we can tune in CNN or MSNBC. That is their style.

Please refrain from politics.

—Jim Vanderkolk, Tucson

Editor’s Note: April 3 letter “No Collusion” was written by Oro Valley resident Clyde Steele.

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