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Better Infrastructure

With the recent wreck on I-10 near Picacho Peak, where traffic was backed up for miles and one person killed, there should be better infrastructure put in place for traffic going westbound and eastbound on I-10. I know that ADOT wants the recent public output comments on I-11, but, with so many cars and trucks today on the interstates and our highways, would it be better just to build a passenger rail service between Tucson and Phoenix? Then these interstate highways would not be so crowded as it is today.

It would be nice to catch a passenger train here in Marana and go to Tucson or Phoenix and beyond.

I understand that in an article in the Marana News, dated April 17, that the Marana Town Council decided to rejoin Sun Corridor after seven years apart.

I know that ADOT had done a study on a passenger rail system between Tucson and Phoenix a few years ago, but I have not heard anything on the passenger rail system, and I am wondering if it’s still ongoing, or if it will ever be built in the near future.

I think that the passenger rail system would help bring in tourists and help the economy of Tucson, Marana and Phoenix as well.

—Grady Tipler, Marana



Green Getaway

Regarding April 24 article “Oro Valley’s proposed budget keeps controversial golf courses open”: Having read last week’s article in regards to Oro Valley’s new recommended budget and its “controversial” golf courses I decided it’s time to speak up. 

Firstly, the golf courses are not controversial. The purchase of the rec center and its adjoining properties may have been, but the new “management” team in Oro Valley were the people that made it a controversy. The choice by the current members of the town council to sit tight and stifle any growth by Oro Valley is far more controversial. Restricting growth (and spending) limits the town to any control over growth and land grabbing by adjacent communities. I have owned in Oro Valley for nine years, and every year I watch the creeping crud along Flowing Wells and La Cañada making its way north. Now I understand we may be seeing the same effect as land to our west and north become available.

Trust me folks, urban crawl destroys. Having control/input to what is going on in your surroundings is a far better option than discovering after the fact the you’ve no choice than to live with it. In regards to the controversial golf courses, the City of Boston and the State of Massachusetts spends millions of dollars a year maintaining the Rose Kennedy Greenway. Sometimes having a little green area to get away to makes us forget where we are. 

Perhaps we could name it the John McCain Memorial Golf Course.

—Paul Davis, Oro Valley



Sore Loser

Regarding May 1 op-ed “Mayor Winfield and company lead with lies”: I was disappointed to read Mr. Hiremath’s screed about the new Mayor and Town Councilmembers  in Oro Valley.

He comes across as a sore loser who has never understood why the voters threw him out of office in the last election.

After I read his piece I realized we got him out of office just in time. He is certainly not a role model for our children.

—Howard Richmond, Oro Valley

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