Full Moon

Seed Scheme 

Regarding Jeff Gardner’s article “UA researchers propose lunar ark for global survival” (March 17): The idea of sending DNA samples and seeds to the moon for storage/safeguarding is probably even nuttier than contemplating the habitation of Mars! If there is a catastrophe here on Earth there is no way to retrieve and regenerate the stored material on the moon. We have plenty of needs for money and brains solving problems we face here and now on Earth. It is interesting how loony plans develop when one does not have to correlate them with reality. I certainly do not want my tax money used to promulgate such “pie in the sky” senseless schemes! 

Donald Harner, Oro Valley


Koz & Effect  

This week’s news: Folks are using their recovery checks to buy guns, liberals are surprised that the Pope is Catholic and Councilman Steve Kozachik thinks illegal immigrants are a growth industry for Tucson, with so many business opportunities to come soon from the federal government demands to provide processing.

I think if Tucson makes itself attractive enough like the councilman wants, we could become the magnet of the southern border for this activity.

 David Cabbage, Oro Valley


Leftist Double Standard 

Regarding the letter to the editor “Truth Squad” (Feb. 4): David Steinberg is the classical epitome of a liberal mind. He is unable to provide evidence and facts to his assertions, he is unable to reply on the merit of the discussion and has the courage to affirm that other people are lying, and in the process he has to resort  to smearing and personal attacks of his political opponents.

Mr. Steinberg suggests that former President Trump has voluntarily and consciously diminished the gravity of the virus and that it was recorded on a tape. I am fully aware of that tape and I am fully aware of what he said: he was very adamant, he said he didn’t want to instill an irrational fear into the American people while datas and opinions were still uncertain and not based on scientific facts. 

Unlike Trump, who was the one who stopped the flights from the East, many Democrats and Fauci himself kept saying for weeks after Trump took that measure that the virus was nothing and we should have kept living our lives as if nothing was happening. Democrats also called his measure a “racist measure.” 

As I wrote in my previous letter, I am afraid that Mr. Steinberg has been living in a cave or in a parallel universe: he is maybe unaware of what Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-California) said about Republicans or what Chris Cuomo said about protests. Also, New York Sen. Chuck Schumer openly threatened the lives of two conservative SCOTUS judges. Examples of verbal violence from the left could continue but we are pretty sure that this is more than enough to show the hypocrisy of a progressive mind. Former President Barack Obama once said, “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.” Is that an incitement to a bigger violence? Many Democrats have used the word fight in a speech and that was never a problem for the liberal media outlets and for our progressive “friends.” But this is the usual hypocritical double standard of the left!

 Alberto Agostini, Oro Valley


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