Letters to Editor

Ditch the Water

Regarding March 7 story “Acclaimed Border Patrol memoir…”: Leaving water and food in the desert for illegal crossers only encourages them to make a very dangerous journey. As he saw with his own eyes, failure to make the journey can lead to a horrible death. If he is really compassionate about helping the downtrodden from below our Southern border he can either work to reform their bad governments or go down and give them rides across the desert. Or does he like the idea that those who make it across the desert are very hardy persons who will then be able to work hard? 

Much like people 200 years ago liked to test the mettle of another group of people by cramming them into ships for a long sea voyage.

—Andrew Woodward


Get out of golf

read the executive summary of the National Golf Foundation Study commissioned by the Town of Oro Valley to evaluate the operational and economic performance of the town’s golf operations. I have found the economic facts outlined in the report to be extremely disconcerting.

The report outlines course reconfigure options A, B and C, with costs and continuing annual loss projections. Why would anyone want to stay in business and continue to lose over $1 million every year, forever?

Option A investment ($5.2 million): $1.4 million loss per year; Option B investment ($4.6 million): $1 million loss per year; Option C investment ($4.2 million): $1.3 million loss per year; Option D investment ($3 million): close and convert to parks.

The report states that that the overall demand vs. supply for golf in the Tucson market is unfavorable. The supply exceeds demand by 50 percent, with nine local courses within six miles of Oro Valley.

So what has the town manager recommended?

Go with the 36 holes and spend $4 million in hopes of only losing $1.4 million every year in the future if the demand for golf grows and the rounds played increase. I would note that town manager Jacobs’s recommendation avoided any profit and loss projections, instead only providing estimated future savings and cherry-picked, feel-good examples to support doubling down on golf.

I strongly feel Oro Valley should get out of the golf business. Why spend $4 million to keep the 36 holes of golf and hope to have only $1.4 million in continuing annual losses? I say let’s pick Option D, get out of golf, and spend our money on neighborhood parks for young families and seniors.

—Marvin Whitfield



Support Council

On March 10 I had the opportunity to play in a wonderful charity event to support the Southern Arizona Golden Retriever Rescue at the Oro Valley Community Center golf course. The golf course was in great shape, and the professionalism displayed by the staff was outstanding. 

I continue to read negative articles about the golf courses/financials, and believe it is time to stop whining and get behind this great property. Let’s support the mayor and town council and encourage them to keep improving our great community. 

—Art Shave



Slow Down  

The automobile traffic on North Rancho Vistoso Boulevard in the 35 MPH area has been clocked above the posted speed— even to 60 MPH and more. 

There are pedestrians and golf carts that must deal with this. A study has shown that a solar powered sign that only illuminates “Too Fast,” not the speed being traveled, has a desired effect.

I believe it’s worth a try, avoid a crash.

—Joe Bolze

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