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Regarding Feb. 6 letter “Unjust Vilification”:  I served on the Development Review Board and on the Board of Adjustment with Mr. Mike Schoeppach.  As one of the council liaisons to the Your Voice, Our Future General Plan, I personally witnessed Mr. Schoeppach dedicate hours of work to ensure that the people’s voice was reflected in the final edition.  The town owes Mr. Schoeppach a huge thanks for the quality time and effort he has dedicated to the Town of Oro Valley.

However, Mr. Schoeppach needs to realize that it’s just not realistic to expect an entire community to subsidize a dedicated 18 hole golf course for the benefit of 226 members. Is it fair to have the Oro Valley community support a golf course that is utilized by .05 percent of the population?  The total amount of dues paid by the golf members in FY 17/18 was $784,071.  This does not come close to the annual cost of maintaining an 18-hole course.

The community is saying “enough.”  If one desires to be a member of a private course, there are many options available such as the Oro Valley Country Club, Stone Canyon Country Club, The Views and The Gallery—all within a short commute of the El Conquistador.

It is my sincere hope that Mr. Schoeepach re-directs his valuable talents toward the other 99 percent of the residents of Oro Valley.

—Mike Zinkin, Oro Valley

Editor’s Note: Mike Zinkin is a former Oro Valley Councilmember who voted against the acquisition of the community center and associated golf courses in 2014.



Regarding Feb. 6 letter “Lost Marbles”: I read Ms. Wright’s letter last Wednesday morning—twice. It was comical the first time, but after reading it for the second time, I spent several minutes chuckling about how many errors and misstatements a person could fit into two paragraphs.  Ms. Wright is the personification of the uninformed Oro Valley voter who elected the most recent foursome.  

First, I am not “pouting,” I am very happy that my name cannot be associated with any of the decisions made by the Fumbling Foursome.  And to set the record straight, I did not seek re-appointment, so I was not “removed” as Ms. Wright stated.

I suppose if you are in the camp of the foursome, you might think that disagreement is demeaning.  And if you think that municipal growth to avoid a property tax is a nasty dirty occurrence that was dreamed up in a dark room, you might refer to those responsible as a “cabal.” But I would submit to you that this community has grown as a direct result of what Hiremath,  Hornat, Snider and Waters did during their tenure. 

The people who moved here did so because they liked what they saw.  They invested their hard-earned money in a growing, safe, vibrant and financially stable Oro Valley. 

I would also point out to Ms. Wright that Oro Valley is a town and not a “city.” You may think that is nitpicking, but there is a distinct difference if you read the Arizona State Constitution.

There is an old expression that goes something like this: “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.” 

Ms. Wright gives credence to that expression.

—Don Cox, Oro Valley



I attended the Town Council study session on Jan. 28. I was struck by some of the council’s apparent lack of understanding of what was meant when staff or Troon referred to the “cloud” hanging over El Conquistador golf. To clarify I offer this example.

I am a 25-year resident of Oro Valley, and joined El Conquistador as a golf member in 2014 not long after retiring. For some time we have recognized the need to downsize our home. Initially we thought the Vistoso or El Conquistador areas would work very well anticipating continued membership at El Conquistador where I play two or three rounds a week. 

We have been waiting for some time to make a decision to buy a home due to the uncertainty of what the town is going to do. If El Conquistador golf is going to change significantly we will move instead to Saddlebrooke.

It’s been pretty cloudy from my perspective for two or three years.

—David Grigsby, Oro Valley



I love our Explorer Newspaper. What I’m uncomfortable with is the conflict fueled by the constant printing of political grievances towards each other. It’s redundant. Can a new rule be implemented? One opinion per person, per year unless it’s complimentary?

—Rosemarie Gomez, Tucson

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