Vote Suit

What’s To Hide?

I read about what is currently happening in the commencing audit of Maricopa county’s election processing and results, and seeing one side throwing every possible roadblock to prevent this from happening. If that faction was so sure that the election was performed without fault, would they not be anxious to prove their point and salvage a victory over those taking the opposite position? It doesn’t make sense, but it does!

With half our nation suspicious about last November’s election, to know that at least our election in Arizona was processed with absolute integrity would go a long way towards voter trust. Without trust in our voting processes, what kind of a State or Nation are we heading for?

Granted, with a completed audit, one side becomes emboldened, while the other side relents their argument to the truth. But all aside, wouldn’t you want to know if the horse you’ve been riding and feeding is the right horse?

John Spitler, Tucson


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