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Make them pay

The desire of the Oro Valley town manager to maintain 36 holes of golf is contrary to the town’s contracted golf study, but is in line with what the Board of Directors of the El Conquistador Men’s Golf Association desire.  The association, and the town manager, want Oro Valley to continue to support 36 holes of golf in order for 18 holes to be used exclusively by members.

The five 18 hole courses in Tucson cost Tucson during the previous fiscal year about $1.3 million each to run. Although I am certain the Oro Valley spends more for water and golf management than Tucson, let’s go with the $1.3 million figure. In fiscal year 16/17, the members of the Oro Valley Golf Association were responsible for $725,611 in income to the town. This means that in order for the members to have their own course, the residents are supplementing them well over $500,000 a year. This does not include the fact that members get discounts for food, merchandise and get free range privileges.  

If Oro Valley desires to have a course available for private play, then have the members pay for the course. This would mean that the members would have to pay about twice what they are paying now.  Otherwise, become a strictly municipal course, and operate only 18 holes. Why should the residents of Oro Valley supplement others for having their own private course?

—Mike Zinkin


Editor’s Note: Mike Zinkin was a member of Oro Valley’s Town Council until 2016, and voted against the acquisition of the community center and associated amenities. 


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