Letters to Editor

Empty storefronts

Regarding Aug. 29 article “Dick’s Sporting Good’s to close in Oro Valley”: It was interesting to read that “the average population for other Vestar properties in Arizona is 41,739 people per square mile. At the Marketplace, the density is only 18,547.” 

Makes you wonder what Vestar was thinking when they built such a large sprawling retail complex.  

They must have known that the population density was less than half their normal target, and that much of the abutting land was protected (Catalina State Park, Coronado National Forest, The Big Wash, Pima floodplain north of Tangerine) or zoned for non-residential use (Oro Valley Hospital, Innovation Park, etc).  

The residents of Oro Valley should not be pressured to grow our population density to rectify a poor business decision by Vestar. I encourage town leaders to explore alternate uses. Before moving to Oro Valley, I lived in the Boston suburbs, where several outdated shopping malls were successfully redeveloped into vibrant new multi-use destinations. 

Perhaps Oro Valley would benefit from an informal brainstorm contest. Got a creative idea on how to use empty parts of Oro Valley Marketplace? Think outside the box. What do you think would be “in our nature”?  

—Thea Chalow



Supreme concern

I am so concerned about Brett Kavanaugh becoming a Supreme Court Justice. Many of his writings give extraordinary power to the executive branch. 

These powers have been spread through other branches for good reason. They protect the country’s democracy. Please protect our democracy. Protect and follow our constitution. You can do the right thing. It comes down to Democracy vs. what? Where will your legacy fall?

—Cindy Phillip

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