Truth Squad

I feel compelled to reply to the falseness and lies in Alberto Agostini letter to the editor (“Lying Liberals,” Feb. 3). Mr. Agostino calls it “hilarious” that Democrats criticize Trump for lying about the dangers of the COVID epidemic. Perhaps he’s not aware of the tapes of Bob Woodward’s interviews where Trump admits to being aware of the dangers of COVID, which go back at least to January, 2020! Of course we all know that the president spent months afterwards pooh-poohing the dangers of the pandemic. 

How many Americans took the word of the president, and how many got sick and died because of those lies?  In contrast to Mr. Agostino, I don’t see the humor there.

It is true, as Mr. Agostini said, that Trump did not utter the words “Take the Capitol Building by force of arms.” But it’s true that Trump over and over again encouraged, excused and praised violence and threatening behavior by his supporters going back at least to 2016. 

Does anyone remember his advice to the Proud Boys gang to stand by in case of his losing the election? He said that during a presidential debate only a few months ago!

Finally, where does Mr. A come up with his assertion that “Democratic representatives and senators … (are) calling for violence against the Republicans and the


Democratic office-holders calling for violence against Republicans? I think we’re drifting into Marjorie Taylor Greene country here.

David Steinberg, Marana Resident


Grin n’ Barrett

Is there any reason to move to Oro Valley if there’s no place to live?

Is there any reason to move a business to Oro Valley if your employees can’t find housing?

Is there a reason why Oro Valley makes it difficult to build anything?

Oro Valley is quickly becoming the worst business climate in Arizona and very business-unfriendly. It is not in the top 10 spots to start or move a business.

Council members Melanie Barrett, Tim Bohen and Josh Nicholson prove once again that they lack vision, inspiration and are visionless leaders. Visionless people are prone to harm and trouble because they always follow any path and end anyhow. They focus on the reasons why we can’t at the expense of the far greater reasons why we can. They have no view of the future, can’t communicate about the future to their constituents, and as a result, have no clear path forward. They prove this every time they open their mouths.

Like Narcissus, who fell in love with his reflection, Barrett has fallen in love with the sound of her voice. She loves the power she couldn’t get by practicing law.

James Prunty, Oro Valley Resident


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