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Regarding March 14 article “Bruce Willis delivers”: Being born in Chicago and spending the first 18 years of my currently 75 year life has forced me to defend much of the “fake news” that oozes out about Chicago. Now we have “fake” statistics that claims a kill rate in a year almost as high as the total Vietnam War deaths in a recent “Voices” letter. 

Setting the record correctly in a CNN article the murders totaled 650 in 2017. Although still horrific it’s a fraction of the claimed number by the fake statistics. 

“Chicago saw nearly a 16% decline in murders in 2017 from the previous year, according to statistics released in the early hours of New Year’s Day.

The city recorded 650 murders in 2017, a drop from 771 murders in 2016 -- which had been the deadliest year in nearly two decades.

The Chicago Police Department attributed the decrease in murders and shootings to “hard work by officers, adding more sworn personnel, investing in new technology to drive our smart policing strategy, and increasing partnerships.”

The Explorer should spend a few minutes checking facts through a brief internet search so we are not mislead by fake statistics.

—Bert Gustafson



Regarding March 14 letter, “Support Council”: Oro Valley resident Art Shave authored a letter that was critical of those who desire to stop the golf losses at the community center.  

I understand that Mr. Shave is a member of the Oro Valley Country Club.  I understand also that councilmember Bill Rodman is a member of the Gallery Golf Club and that Mayor Hiremath is a member of the Stone Canyon Country Club.  Sounds somewhat hypocritical to me.

I suppose the good news is that they are not asking the residents of Oro Valley to subsidize their clubs, yet.

—Susan Ross



Believe it. There are those in Oro Valley who do not hang out at Starbucks, lunch at Noble Hops, attend fundraisers or play golf at the community center. 

They do not have children or dogs to enjoy the parks. Some live alone, frugally, trying to remain in their own homes as long as possible. These are the unwanted people in the new Oro Valley vision.

—Mary Grogan



I’m so grateful for honest people like Brent. I mistakenly left my cellphone wallet at the Oro Vally post office around noon Saturday. Brent found it, drove to my home and dropped it off. Had a less-than-honorable person found it, my future might have been dire. Thanks so much for your good deed, Brent!

—Lyn Mason

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