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Crystal Clear

Regarding Aug. 22 letter “Commission Timelines”: Mr. Pitts, I’ll break it down to make it a little easier for you to understand.

You did participate in an interview for the Planning and Zoning Commission. Ninety-nine percent of everything else you stated in both letters is false. Hopefully that will make my initial response crystal clear.

—Don Cox

Editor’s Note:  Don Cox has operated the Triple E PAC in-support  of incumbent Oro Valley candidates




Regarding Aug. 22 letter “Lacking Decency”:   What?!  Her child started kindergarten and the rest of Oro Valley was supposed to do what?

—Michael Grogan



Regarding Aug. 22 letter “Lacking Decency”: I was dumbfounded after reading Renee Gallegos’ letter to the Explorer in which the author expresses outrage at the sight of supporters from a local political campaign. 

I, too, was driving my children to school when I saw this peaceful group on a commercial corner. By contrast, I told my children to look at the volunteers as supporting representative democracy in its purest form. I said it is an honorable act not found in countries like Venezuela or Cuba. This is evidence people have confidence in our election process and should be a comfort to us.

Regardless of our political leanings, we should applaud citizens willing to donate their time to improve our town.

—Jamie Lee

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