Traitor Trump

It is clear – we have the video – that Donald Trump rallied, incited and ordered his adoring thugs to violently attack the Capitol, do massive damage, inflict injury and, yes, commit murder. Every American should be required to watch that video of Trump’s battle cry speech over and over, and then the video a week later of POTUS making a desperate attempt (because he was forced to) at undoing what he did. 

The most ignorant and most easily manipulated of his cult, spurred on by social media and the words of Donald Trump, couldn’t wait to carry out the evil intent of their Messiah. After all, they had been instructed all along to “stand by.” Oro Valley’s own Mark Finchem was in the crowd. Take a bow, Mark. The other members of Cult Trump – your friends and neighbors, maybe you yourself - well-educated, mild-mannered and seemingly decent people, share in responsibility for the treasonous attack on our democracy. 

Yes, by support, acceptance and normalization of a person like Donald Trump, there is complicity. Being a Trump supporter shows you accept Trump’s racism and white supremacy beliefs, accept denigration of women and mocking of handicapped people. If you support Trump, you have accepted our veterans being called losers and suckers. By supporting Trump, you endorse his continual lying, including the big lie of winning the election, repeated incessantly for over two months with the purpose of inciting an insurrection. If you are OK with any or all of these things, it says a lot about you. 

In four short years, this deranged man has come close to destroying our democracy and has done irreparable damage. Any acceptance, let alone support, of Donald Trump was a contribution to where we are now. Look in the mirror, and ask yourself some questions. Will you support the next seditious miscreant should one manage to occupy the Oval Office again? If the current insurrectionist president is not held accountable, we could very well have another. 

Our democracy is hanging by a thread.

-Deb Klumpp, Oro Valley Resident


Trump’s truth

All of you that have been drinking the Kool-Aid that rolls off CNN and other Trump derangement networks need to either change the channel, or take a little more time to find out the TRUTH.  It may save many of you from having to swallow your words. 

Case in point—the latest belief that somehow Trump, in his address on Jan 6th, had everything to do with the break-in at the Capitol in Washington DC. Well, let’s review what we now know.  The FBI reported that they knew through their intel sources at least a full day before the break-in that preparations were planned by extremist groups for a breach of the Capitol. And, they did nothing to bolster the forces to protect the people’s house. This was also reported by CBS’ Capitol Hill senior investigative correspondent Katherine Herridge on that following weekend. In other words, Trump had NOTHING to do with what happened.  

Oh, but the Left and the GOP deep state were quick to jump in and call for censure, or Article 25, or impeachment, or resignation, or anything to take POTUS down. 

For those who think that the “election being stolen” is just a myth, let’s look at some basic number crunching. Trump received 75 million votes. This is about 10 million more than he received in 2016. Biden received about 81 million votes which is 15 million greater than what Obama received in his re-election bid (and Biden was on the ticket). This alone is amazing in that Biden seldom got out of his basement to campaign. And when he did, there were more newspaper people attending than voters.  

Look how the House of Representatives was impacted. Not one GOP lost their seat and overall the GOP picked up a dozen or so seats. How did this happen if Trump was losing? Do you really think that people voted for the GOP representatives, but decided to vote against Trump. Like I said, you need to change the channel, or at least wait for a TRUTH period to pass before spewing hateful foolishness.  

As for Congress, there’s just no hope there. 

-John Spitler, Oro Valley Resident


Deflecting blame

Regarding the letters to the editor “Blame Dems” and “Disgraceful Coup Attempt” (Jan. 13): These letters represented a microcosm of what has been happening in this country since the conclusion of the 2020 presidential election. 

LTC Allmond presented what every thinking American should feel in this country and that is total outrage over a president who has continued to lie about the mythical 2020 election fraud taking place throughout various states which supposedly “stole” the election from him.

This despite every single election official in every single state, Republican and Democrat, has testified to the contrary. This after over 60 lawsuits attempting to overturn the election results brought into courts at every level up to and including the Supreme Court have been dismissed as without merit.

The problem with Trump’s loud and pervasive proclamation of election fraud, echoed by far too many of his Republican lackeys, is directed primarily to his base of support: uneducated white males; emphasis on uneducated. The sources of the “facts” for his base include Trump, social media, and Fox News drivel versus newspapers, news magazines or professional television and radio news commentators.

Of course, they believe him.

So when Trump, Gulliani, Trump Jr. and others addressed the mob, which they brought to Washington D.C. on Jan. 6 with violent, inflammatory rhetoric, of course the inevitable hideous attack on the nation’s Capitol Building occurred, leaving five dead and countless injured. We will witness the fruits of Trump’s labor in this regard by watching him this week be the first president to be impeached twice. Well deserved.

For Mr. Cunningham to compare the protests over Bret Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination with the terrorist-like, seditious, ugly attack on the Capitol building with the intent to maim, kill, or take hostages, including Vice President Pence, is so entirely ludicrous as to not be worth addressing. But is so typical of futile Republican attempts to deflect blame from by far the worst president in our history and a totally odious human being; a person which his own niece, Mary Trump dubbed the most dangerous man in the world. Do we believe her now?

 -William C. Ohl II, Marana Resident


Time for Finchem to go

Mark Finchem, the Republican representative of CD-11 was present at the 6 January insurrection. Mr. Finchem admitted in a news release on Jan. 11 that he was with the crowd going to the Capitol and the behest of Donald Trump. Rep. Finchem, in his statement, spun lies about the invaders, calling them Antifa, when all the news services have proven that most of the rioters were, in fact, Trump supporters.

Rep. Finchem crossed the barrier with the seditionists and took pictures.

Rep. Finchem promoted and helped raise money for anti-democratic Republicans who insist the election was stolen, even as these same officials were themselves re-elected. Finchem, Ward, Roberts (also representing Legislative District 11) and any other Republican who actively spreads lies and disinformation about election fraud should be recalled. I call on my fellow citizens of Legislative District 11 to demand Reps. Finchem and Roberts resign immediately or face recall.

-Susan Ritz, Marana Resident


Skeptic system

Here in Oro Valley, we have a non-medical virus. Let’s call it Vistoso-21. It’s the only symptom is a local government that wants to spend up to $20 million dollars of its residents’ tax money on a golf course.

The Oro Valley Town Council has entered into discussions with Romspen (the company that owns the defunct Rancho Vistoso golf course) to buy that property. The property will then be repurposed as open space/park/non-productive land. The Town already owns the former Pusch Ridge golf course located in close proximity to the El Conquistador Resort. The Town announced in February 2020 that it was no longer going to pursue a golf venture on that property. But through its contract with Antares Golf, it would reasonably maintain the property. An agreement exists between HSL and the town which allows HSL to lease that property. Due to issues related to the pandemic, HSL has not been in a position to exercise that option. However, that option is still available and there are indications that it may happen. 

On the other hand, a non-profit organization, Preserve Vistoso, was formed. Talks have already begun with the goal of purchasing the former Vistoso Golf Course for an unknown price, an unknown cost to repurpose the land and a future maintenance cost of multi-millions.

The residents surrounding Pusch Ridge golf are scratching their collective heads. After all of the hell that was raised over the purchase of the century (three operating golf courses, 30+ revenue-producing tennis courts, a highly profitable community center, etc) for $1 million, interest-free, with payment over three years), why would Winfield and his cronies want to buy and preserve Vistoso?

This is simply a political move on the part of Mayor Winfield and Councilmembers Barrett, Jones-Ivey and Nicholson. There are far more votes in the RV area than around the little Pusch Ridge course. They refuse to honor their commitment to a small group, the losers, and shell out millions of taxpayer dollars for the far more populated RV area—the winners.

-Don Cox, Oro Valley Resident


Fore horsemen

It wasn’t that long ago that the newly elected council members tried to justify their campaign promise to close the El Conquistador golf courses. Quickly dubbed the Four Horsemen of the El Conquistador for their unproven actions, the mayor and vice mayor were on the verge of facing a recall. Somehow, the Four Horsemen found some middle ground on the golf course with one of Joe Winfield’s multipage motions that he just happened to find tucked away in his back pocket. The town sighed a relief.

Now, the Four Horsemen have entered into talks to acquire a useless golf course for an unknown price, an unknown cost to repurpose and indefinite future maintenance costs. The estimated cost of the council’s foolhardiness is well over $10 million. Where is this money going to come from? To assume that this venture will be funded only by private contributions, grants, and from some conservancy is a blunder of colossal consequence.

The Sun City region of Oro Valley was the bastion of votes Winfield et al. in the 2018 election. I believe they see problematical reelection and want to make that base happy. The Four Horsemen of the El Conquistador have become politicians at our expense!

-James Prunty, Oro Valley Resident


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