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Regarding the letter to the editor “Leftist Double Standard” from Alberto Agostini (March 24): Your letter assumes we’ve read the previous letter you’ve written and that we’ve also read the reaction letter from David Steinberg (“Truth Squad,” Feb. 4)

In your response to Mr. Steinberg, your rambling missive covers a lot of ground; filled with statements that I can only conclude are your interpretations of things that you had gleaned from specific media sources. But nowhere do you link attributions to the news stories that your statements originated from. 

I don’t live in your metaphorical cave, nor do I live in a parallel universe. The very least you could do to enlighten the readers of this publication is provide the sources and dates of whatever quotes by Rep. Maxine Waters, Chris Cuomo, or Sen. Chuck Schumer you have referenced. We don’t know what they’ve said. Back up your assertions. There is too much misinformation and disinformation floating around the news universe. Specifics are your friend, generalities are not. Not everyone gets their information from the same sources that you do.

Please, Mr. Agostini, if you feel obligated to write a letter to the editor of this (or any) publication, provide sources so we, the reader, won’t misinterpret the content of your letter as mere opinion versus known factual material. It will improve your credibility going forward. Trust me, we can make up our own minds given reliable information.

James Wilson, Tucson


Thanks, Ducey 

Now that Governor Ducey has released his Executive Order 2021-6 which lifts, among other issues, the mask mandates for businesses, organized public events and other entities that serve the public, the question now is how are we to act and how are these businesses going to respond to the governor’s order.

My first response is freedom, liberty, finally! It’s about time that we start to get back to normalcy. But this edict will be received differently by different people and their personal feelings and beliefs will be many. There are those that bow to the likes of Fauciism and will continue to wear masks and be selective about their surroundings. And, there are those that feel that the shackles have been removed and normalcy is in sight. 

The important point here is that we now have choices. We can take responsibility for our own decisions. If we feel uncomfortable being in a business or event around those not wearing masks, then we have the freedom of choice to avoid that situation. For others, this provides the liberty to choose as well as frequent businesses and events that are fully compliant with the executive order as presented.

We all like to have choices. For all of us here in the greater Tucson area, finally, we’re in a much better place. Thanks, Gov. 

Now, let’s work to get the children back in the classroom, without masks.

John Spitler, Tucson 


About face 

Three weeks ago, the Marana News kindly printed a letter from me in which I strongly criticized the Marana Chamber of Commerce for bringing the far-right conservative training organization, American Majority (AM), to Marana to conduct a day-long, supposedly “non-partisan” training session for campaigners and candidates.

In the interest of learning more, I attended that March 20 training. And, in fairness to the Chamber (which may have set some guidelines), I will say that the presenting executive director of AM did a reasonable job in avoiding the overtly “hard right” ideological stance which AM proudly promotes. (To learn more about that go to their website). 

Instead, he managed to stick pretty closely to non-partisan, neither right nor left, general political campaigning fundamentals. And for the most part, so did the 17 or so attendees, 

That said, it was still obvious that the overall inclination of the group was “conservative” — something made pretty obvious by various remarks, asides and occasional groans. This became especially clear at the end of the training when a number of attendees expressed interest in obtaining further assistance from AM or otherwise supporting it and, presumably, its mission, which is clearly stated as “turning blue states red” by using the techniques they teach.

So all told, I must stand by my admonition to the Marana Chamber that it would be in the community’s and their own best interests to avoid such potentially conflicting “political training” of any sort—especially those conducted by a source representing a distinct political agenda, whether right or left.

Instead, stick to business issues, economic development, perhaps hold impartial pre-election candidate forums and leave the job of political training of any kind to political groups themselves.

Jerry Farnsworth, Marana

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