Letters to Editor

Ignoring the plan

During the last general plan development process, I was appointed to the environment committee and attended numerous meetings dedicated to writing the plan. About half way through the process, the Town Council approved a rezoning which, by definition, didn’t follow the plan then in place (which is of course why a rezoning was needed). 

That really irritated me. Here I was, spending hours attending meetings to write a new plan while the majority four was just as busy on the other end, ignoring the existing plan. So I resigned.

And here we go again. Little yellow signs all over town announcing hearings for rezoning. And if history is any indicator, when the final vote is taken, it will be 7-0 in favor or the rezoning. It is really time to get some new, independent voices on the council.

—Jack Evert

Vote them out!

I thoroughly enjoyed the grand opening of the Honey Bee Preserve at the Rancho Vistoso and Moore Road area. A beautiful ceremony was well attended by citizens, commerce, Mayor Hiremath, Tohono O’odham members, Pima County, Mattamy Homes and the historian in charge of the excavation where many native artifacts were discovered during the building of homes in the area.

During his comments, the mayor lauded the cooperation of all entities and what a wonderful preserve actualized because of this, as well as how important it is for us to preserve the heritage of the land we are fortunate enough to enjoy as Oro Valley citizens.

I recall the mayor’s comments during his State of the Town speech last fall when he said “we must be judicious with our remaining land.”

How are we “being judicious” in developing land at La Cholla, Naranja, Lambert and Glover? How are we preserving the heritage of our land while carving it into smaller lots than were previously approved for the benefit of developers? Are we going to become the next Phoenix, with house upon house to the detriment of our incredible landscape? Are these the “rooftops” that will justify the town council’s vision of ‘Main Street’, another vision that will make the town something none of us intended, and don’t want it to become?  

I’m looking forward to the election this fall to remove mayor Hiremath and incumbents Waters, Hornat and Snider and vote in elected officials who will listen to what voters want, not what developers want.  

—Devon Sloan

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